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    Tripod for Spotting Scope

    Congratulations Maverick254. You will not be sorry once you cover the payment. I wish I had been this smart on the binoculars I have purchased over the years. I could have two Leica's instead of one and a collection of lower priced stuff that just isn't good enough.
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    Tripod for Spotting Scope

    Outdoormans stuff is pricy, but falls in the buy once cry once category. I have a two piece tripod with the grip head and pan attachment I purchased in 2008 for an AK sheep/bear hunt. It gets used all the time and has been banged around the forest and desert for years. I did have to take it...
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    Wildcats vs Traditional Cartridges

    If you have ever modified a "perfectly fine" vehicle, you understand the allure of wildcats. It is the journey that matters. Its a bonus if the destination is better as well. My only wildcat, in that I can't buy factory ammunition, is a .222 Rem Mag AI. When it came out the Nosler 22 was not...
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    A case for prs

    My experience matches the author's. PRS has allowed me to use my hunting rifle (.280AI Nosler M48) to hit 1 MOA targets at 1000 yards. I have no intention of shooting game at that distance. My personal limit hunting is 400 yards. My rifle looks out of place next to all the PRS chassis in the...
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    Brass manufacturer difference?

    A brass tale of two rifles. 1) Gasser in .308: Very picky about powder brand, seating depth and bullet weight/brand, but doesn't give a wif about brass type or powder weight. Military, range waste, Nosler, Hornady brass all shoot the same with the same powder type & charge/seating...
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    question on seating depth/ladder test

    Currently I go with depth first and then charge weight. I agree that either will get you to the same place eventually, but that it also depends on the rifle. One rifle I have is extremely sensitive to seating depth with Sierra's, but not so much powder charge. This same rifle is also powder...
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    Concentricity Question

    Yes, nice thread. If this was a 1000 yard conversation I would not comment as there are others much more knowledgeable than me. However 200 yards is not that far and this is my experience for what it is worth. #1 the nut behind the gun. Mentioned a couple of times, but a coach, even if...
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    To clean or not to clean?

    Great conversation on a never ending topic. It would appear from the comments here, which my experience validates, that each firearm does best with a different cleaning regimen. For my main bolt gun (Nosler 48 .280AI) I generally clean to the "white" with both powder and copper solvents at...
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    Tools for quartering elk

    It is interesting how varied the techniques are to field dress game. The best saw I have used is a Zip Saw. Cabela's has them here: I suggest a spare "blade" and not to use...
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    What is your favorite sling?

    Personally the Brownells Latigo sling is my favorite. along with a Gunslinger Corral rifle "holster." This "holster" makes a sling comfortable as it transfers...
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    Sierra Bullets Has Been SOLD!!!

    From the website: Clarus Corporation (NASDAQ: CLAR) is a holding company which seeks opportunities to acquire and grow businesses that can generate attractive shareholder returns. The Company has a substantial cash balances and net operating tax loss carryforwards which it is...
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    Effects Of Cartridge Over All Length (COAL) And Cartridge Base To Ogive (CBTO) – Part 2

    The old school probably is just as good as I have used it for cartridge's Hornady doesn't have a modified case for. If I hadn't already invested in the tool I probably wouldn't now. That being said for those of you who work up loads 1st with COAL to ogive and then for powder weight do you...
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    Hornady announcement Oct 27th

    From my read of the White Paper bullets without the new tips are fine out to 400 yards so I doubt they will alter the rest of the line, but simply direct LR shooters to this new bullet. As for Nosler, hard to say. I would guess they will have to respond in some way, at a minimum by testing...
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    Hornady announcement Oct 27th

    Thank you Bullseye. This is a great read and Hornady does a good job of analyzing other brands. Sure it isn't an independent test, that will have to come later, it if ever does given the cost of Doppler Radar. However a consistent simple improvement in accuracy should be proven or dis-proven...
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    Hornady announcement Oct 27th

    So what about the clear reference to dopler radar? Could it be some new bullet shape that radically improved BC beyond the current Tangent Ogive Solid G7 stuff?