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    For Sale Proof CF Sendero 30 cal, 24”, 1/10

    Like the title states. I have a Proof Carbon Fiber Sendero blank. 30 cal 1/10, 24” for sale. Decided to build something different. $650 shipped in CONUS. Discrete PayPal (F+F or you pay fees), Venmo, USPS money order.
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    Want To Buy rem factory sporter barrel

    I have one I can send you. 24” .308 sporter
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    Want To Buy Proof research 308 carbon barrel

    I know you’re looking for a 26-28” but I have a Proof carbon Sendero 308 cal 24” 1/10 twist if you decide to go that route. New in the box of course.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED MPA BA lite chassis with accessories

    Drop it in, torque screws, load the mag, and go shoot!
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    For Sale Rem bottom metals

    How much for the SA’s
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler 7mm ballistic tip bullets 120 grain

    Interested. How many and how much?
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    300 wsm barrel length

    Awesome! Thanks
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    300 wsm barrel length

    Yeah a 200ELD-X at 2850 should definitely do it. Thanks
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    300 wsm barrel length

    All good stuff guys. Thanks!
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    300 wsm barrel length

    I’m used to it I guess. My 308’s are 16, 16, and 18. My 6.5 creedmoor’s are 18’s and my 243 is 16. I didn’t want to give up too much but figured I could still send the lighter solids with some speed.
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    300 wsm barrel length

    20” Proof Sendero in hand ready to go! I can’t wait to get this thing together!
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    300 wsm barrel length

    Nice! Ok that’s enough for me! Thanks guys. I guess I didn’t need much of a push! 🤣
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    300 wsm barrel length

    Ok I’m about to drive myself crazy with this. I’m building a 300wsm for a little more reach over my main hunting rifles. I typically hunt with 18” 308 and 6.5 creedmoor rifles and always suppressed. I originally planned on a 24” barrel for the wsm and have a Proof in hand. Lately I have been...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 wsm 1x fired brass 152 pieces

    I’ll take it