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    Pierce Ti Featherweight

    I agree, most shooters wouldn't able to shoot the difference.
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    Sight it in freehand huh? What could possibly go wrong?
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    Short Barrel (20”) 300WSM Question

    My 300 WM is 23" and it'll send 215's at 2850 with H1000, no pressure signs at all.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SAS tomb .30 cal 5/8x24

    What thread spec?
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    300 Norma with N570 data?

    230 exit on a good size buck just under 300 yards.
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    300 Norma with N570 data?

    Mine was throated for 230s and after the barrel broke in was making 3100 FPS with them using N570. Understand that it was likely a fast barrel and most won't reach that velocity safety. Anything sending a 230 over 3000 FPS is going to be a great performer, don't get to excited about pushing it...
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    300 Norma with N570 data?

    In my 28" barrel the 199s were very fast and accurate but never got enough pressure to have consistent ES with N570. Ended up using 230's and was very happy. If you really want to go with the 199s I think you'll be better off with a faster powder like H1000. If you do a search I started a...
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    NF ATACR 4-16×42 F1 MOAR

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    Who shoot's Berger 195 EOL's in 7mm Mag???

    180 Hybrids will perform better in a 7 RM than the 195's. I've stomped a bunch of elk with the 180s and I'm not switching. My load is 69.3 grains H1000, CCI 250 primer and Nosler brass, sends the 180 Hybrids at 2950 in my 24" barrel. It'll go over 3000 but accuracy at 2950 was awesome.
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    NF ATACR 4-16×42 F1 MOAR

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    SOLD/EXPIRED ThunderBeast silencer/Area 419 kit

    It seems ridiculous because it is ridiculous. You'll have to form 4 it to your dealer because you aren't a licensed manufacturer/dealer, then the dealer will form 4 it to the buyer. Welcome to dealing with the federal government.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED ThunderBeast silencer/Area 419 kit

    If it leaves your state it'll be two form 4's, and two full wait times. That means $400 in tax stamps and probably two years wait for a potential out of state buyer.
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    Custom Gun Coatings is among the very best on earth, proceed with confidence.
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    7mm 08 built for PRS or HUNTING....does both very well - make an offer

    I was going to buy it, but I was to busy