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    6.5-284 & IMR 4831

    I have had excellent results withH1000 and 147eld top end on load data.
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    6.5-284 & IMR 4831

    Or even Reloader 23 it is also good for 6.5/284 and temperature insensitive.
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    6.5-284 & IMR 4831

    Ever looked at IMR 4955 or IMR7977 both are close to what you are using now and these are also temperature insensitive better than imr4831.
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    Talk to me about Barrel Tuners

    I bought one of EC’s tuner/brake and shot it for 2 weeks , loved it enough to order another for my 6mm creed. Won’t part with any one of em. Worth every penny to me !
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    Need some advice/ help

    Call Sierra Bullets , ask their bullet Ballisticion what powder you have , bullets and they can help you with safe information, have called em many times over the years !
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    Recoil management-poor shooting

    Get you a EC tuner/brake , have your barrel threaded 5/8x24 for the tuner/brake, recoil and accuracy will change to make you happy , just use ear protection when shooting
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    Labradar not reading

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    Hornady 243 Win 100gr Load Data

    Mild recoil load , I’d use H1000 44.0-44.5 gr with 100 gr bullet , we used this powder in a 300 win mag with 125 gr bullets , recoil was like a 243 mild , also one hole group @ 100 yards. Good deer load for open terrain.
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    Labradar not reading

    Duck tape a 3 inch straw in the grove of the upper deck of your radar , aim like a pep sight , at lower part of target center , also make sure you are on rifle setting!
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    204 powder suggestion

    Varget is great and so is Benchmark in the 204 ruger
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    I believe your target has a jacket separated and hit at 5L , not true key hole !
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    243 powder?

    If you have H 1000 and heavy bullets the upper end loads might work, H4350 or Varget