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    Seekins Havak in 7mm Rem Mag

    I’m sure the 7 RM Havak shoots great. My 6 Creed is a hammer with the 105 Hybrid and 108 ELDM.
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    Want To Buy 7SAUM ammo

    Easy to ship ammo with UPS or FedEx marked as ORMD
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    Determining chamber without casting.

    I could be totally wrong in my thinking, but the Edge is based on the slightly longer 300 RUM case. You could try chambering a piece of 300 RUM brass - if it chambers, would suspect it's an Edge. If it doesn't chamber, I would suspect it's likely a 338 RUM. Just a thought.
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    6.5 Creedmor or 6.5 PRC? Budget Rifle & Scope Recommendations?

    Well, since it seems nearly impossible to turn up any 6.5 PRC ammo at the moment, I’d go with the Creedmoor.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED AG composites Alpine Hunter, SA, Urban Camo

    Tempting! Planning a TL3 build right now...
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    For Sale Sealed 8# Jug RL-26 NE Ohio

    Mayfield Heights area. About 90 min or so.
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    338 rum and 270eld x load data needed

    Check out Hodgdons reloading data online. They have data for 275 gr bullets- you should be able to start with that. I couldn’t find data for the 285 gr Amax earlier so I looked that 275 gr and 300 gr bullets and kinda figured it out from there. Good luck and be safe!
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    Christensen Ridgeline, Seekins PH2 Havak or Proof Elevation?

    I have a Seekins Havak 6 CM and really enjoy the rifle. Shoots and handles very well. Factory ammo and hand loads shoot tiny groups. I’d have no hesitation about buying another! I’ve shot my brothers Ridgeline 300 WM before and it shot great as well. You’ll see a lot of hit or miss reviews with...
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    For Sale Sealed 8# Jug RL-26 NE Ohio

    As title states- sealed 8# jug of RL-26 for sale. $240 Located on the east side of Cleveland. Will NOT ship.
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    ADG 300 prc brass

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    Retumbo at powder valley 10/28 11:27 EST

    It’s easy to blow through a pound of powder when you use 90+ grains of powder with each trigger pull. My 300 and 338 RUMs aren’t cheap to feed!