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    Hunting Rifle: Anyone Else Have No Desire for a Silencer?

    Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I enjoy shooting suppressed. I have a Gunwerks 8ight for my centerfires, and a Form 1 rimfire can. Waiting on another 8ight to be approved right now.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 100 ct New Peterson 6mm Creed LRP Brass

    I have way too many pieces of brass to work with, so figured I’d make some room on the bench. Up for sale: - 100 pieces of new Peterson 6mm Creed brass - Large rifle primer - Matching lot numbers $105 shipped I take PayPal FF and Venmo.
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    Any lion hunters?

    We have quite a few lions on our property in WY - I ran into a couple while shed hunting two years back. My brothers have each taken one with hounds. A friend of a friend had hounds that he'd been wanting to run and it was game on. Hoping we will have a decent amount of snow around Christmas...
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    Pre-fit Barrel's

    Tons of options out there, depending on the action… I’m sending a Bartlein blank to Deep South tactical to spin up a prefit for my Terminus Zeus with Quick Change. Once I burn my 22/250 AI out on my TL3, I have a shouldered prefit chambered in 22 Creed ready to roll. It’s a blast! Here’s my...
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    Another Rifle builder seeking advice

    I can’t comment on the weight, but the mini chassis is very repeatable and accurate. Seriously, just bolt in and go. I’ve got one and it’s been awesome.
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    Short barreled 7mm ??? Help me pick - people with experience please

    I’m all for the shorty barrels (I’m going to have a 20” 7 SAUM built soon)… one thing to be wary of would be if a suppressor is used, make sure it’s rated for the cartridge and barrel length. TBAC Ultra 7 will handle a 28 Nosler but at a minimum length of 22”. A good friend of mine just picked...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler blem PRC brass

    $30 mark up over Shooters Pro Shop. Yikes
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    WWT: H1000 for RL-23

    As title states, looking to trade 3 lbs of new H1000 for 3 lbs of new RL-23. Located in Cleveland, OH. **Trade only please**
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    KRG Bravo

    As stated, they are an excellent value. I have a Tikka CTR in a Bravo and really like the ergonomics. Very comfortable to shoot and didn't break the bank.
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    Lane Precision Rifles

    I tried an AG Alpine hunter and thought it was more comfortable than the previous (Greybull precision). This thing is a hammer! Can't wait to finish my medical residency soon - I'll be ordering a full on custom this time around!
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    I am at my wits end with this stock!

    Agreed - Joe Ducos does awesome work!
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    different brands of brass and effects on charges

    Size it and work your load up again. It's really not a huge issue and won't take much time. Then once you've found your node, you'll have plenty of cases to work with.
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    338 Edge vs 338 RUM differences

    I went in circles trying to decide between the RUM, Edge, and Lapua. Eventually I settled on the RUM as everything seemed to suggest they all basically gave the same performance (assuming barrel length and loading practices were equal). Currently, my 338 RUM will push the 285 ELDM to 2945...