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    My sons latest Kansas bruiser

    I could use some pointers from that young man. Congrats to you both.
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    Anyone You Know?

    That’s awesome, ha ha!!!
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    Oregon Antelope

    Very nice!!!!
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    Just purchased a new rifle

    Let us know how she shoots!!
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    MRAD or MOA

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    Steel or Aluminum rings (?) / NF or Mark 4(?)

    I have no experience with the Mark 4’s but I use the NF Ultralites and have zero complaints.
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    Rifle Build Patience

    I like this idea^^
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    Copperhead is ready to strike.

    Awesome looking rig!!!
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    New 7 Saum build

    I like it!!!
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    My vote is Atlas as well.
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    New rifle showed up today!

    Very nice!!!!!
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    My "Forever" Rifle

    That’s one sweet boom stick!!!!
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    2020 Wyoming Season

    Heck of a season, congrats!!!