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    Luxe Megahorn Tipi Hot Tent

    Care to share what brand you went with?
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    Luxe Megahorn Tipi Hot Tent

    I have a good bag. Problem is though when temps drop below zero even the below zero bags don’t seem to cut it. A stove can be stoked and last a couple of hours.
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    Boot recommendation

    If the Military would've had Kenetrek boots when I was in maybe I wouldn't be dealing with plantar fasciatis now. I love my Kenetrek and Crispi boots. I'm coming from wearing Danner boots since I was in the Army. We were issued the Ft Lewis boots and Intermediate Cold Weather boots which...
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    Luxe Megahorn Tipi Hot Tent

    I'm looking at getting a Hot tent that I can put a small wood burning stove into. Currently I am using a Marmont 2 person and a mr Buddy heater but I just don't like having the propane heater going while sleeping not to mention carrying extra cylinders. I'm not looking for an Ultralight...
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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    375 Ruger 270 Win or WSM 220 Swift 45 Colt 10MM
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    Let’s see your coyote rifle!

    I would love to find a black coyote in the wild. I have never seen one other than on forums.
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    Press lube?

    I use standard axle grease or lithium grease.
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    22 creed or 220 swift

    I have a 220 Swift with an 8 Twist barrel. I use the 75grAMAX or 77g Sierra. I also have a good load for the 55gr Sierra Blitz Kings. Love the Swift.
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    Trying to find accuracy in a 45-70 405 Gr Bullet with 4198 powder.

    When you ring your chamber you are basically damaging the chamber by putting a depressed ring all the way around it. More pressure and it would more than likely would have come apart. some powders you should not compress. I’m not familiar with the powder you’re using so I can’t say it is safe...
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    Trying to find accuracy in a 45-70 405 Gr Bullet with 4198 powder.

    If you’re not careful you can ring your chamber with wads. You can quickly exceed pressures when compressing powder charges. I would only use wadding/fillers if the load calls for it. Do you have any other powder on hand or is this all you have? Have you checked your bore for leading? This...
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    Let’s see your coyote rifle!

    I've had a few look like that after being hit with the 25-06. Larger than 22cal really unzips them for sure.
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    Poll/Discussion: Hunting with a Muzzle Brake

    None of my rifles currently have brakes on them. I don't own a single rifle that has a threaded barrel. I don't care for muzzle brakes personally on hunting rifles since I may or may not have the chance to put on my hearing protection. My friend had a Winchester 70 in 243 Win with the Boss...
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    Trying to find accuracy in a 45-70 405 Gr Bullet with 4198 powder.

    If your powder coating is completely covering your bullets then you will be fine. Adding more lube to them will not hurt anything but it's not really going to matter much. With the powder coating you can push these bullets as fast as you could push any jacketed bullet. I have pushed 450gr...
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    25-06 still getting it done

    Oh no my brother you gots ta buy your own. This rifle goes nowhere🤪😜🤪
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    Trying to find accuracy in a 45-70 405 Gr Bullet with 4198 powder.

    Were you using air soft bbs like I detailed in an earlier post? You have to create a static charge in order for the powder to properly stick. I have never had any issues powder coating thousands of bullets the way I described above.