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    Hammer Bullets and Hyper Velocity, The Misconception

    Me too. I’d like to do some testing of my own, but I’m pretty dang sure Berger says 1800 fps minimum impact velocity.
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    Hammer Bullets and Hyper Velocity, The Misconception

    Butterbean I hope your Aussie friend has a better working knowledge of terminal ballistics than he does the written English language. I was very interested in what he had to say, but was very disappointed that I couldn’t comprehend most of his message. Maybe you could interpret that rambling...
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    0-600yrds target caliber

    To get to 600 yard targets?! I’m thinking a medium to lower case capacity 6mm. Efficient, low recoil, cheaper to shoot and easier on barrels. I like the versatility of my 6XC, as well as the out of the box Norma brass… but one of the BR variants would do a great job paired with varget, or the...
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    Caliber choice for prairie dogs

    I’m with Panhandle Pete and Browninglover. Your decision should factor in range envelopes, wind, and sound signature. I go every summer in a group of 4 dudes, me and my dad, my buddie and his dad. We started off with a fairly wide variety of calibers, from .17’s up to our hunting rifle...
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    Let's see your Varmint rifles !

    Here is my setup for prairie dogs in Montana. There is a 223AI and a 6XC each for myself, my dad and my brother. I built all of them. Mine are the Kelbly Atlas/McMillan/Benchmark 1:9 223AI, and the Desert Tech SRS A1 6XC. This is the shooting bench setup I made, with sun shade.
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    Bullet Jump

    I would agree that he couldn’t have consistent 1/2 MOA at all ranges, but it certainly is possible to shoot tighter that your chrony indicates, his 1/2 MOA at 715 is almost certainly due to positive compensation, be it purposeful or accidental. When I started handloading I used the Audette...
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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    The secret to AI cartridges is in the headspacing, at least as far as I’ve seen. In any given cartridge the go/no-go gauge dimensions are .004-.008” longer for the AI version. I surmise the standard was set that way so folks could rechamber an existing rifle, and fully clean up the previous...
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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    I like the way you think sir! My personal preferences vary ever so slightly... 223AI instead of regular 223, because I hate trimming, love zapping prairie dogs with 53g vmax at 3400fps, and because they (mine at least, headspaced with 223 vanilla) shoot vanilla rounds every bit as accurately as...
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    280 AI vs 7 mm SAUM

    I chose a WSM case instead of the SAUM for my short action build. Mine is a 7mm/300WSM instead of regular’ole 7WSM. I run 180g Berger HVLD’s at about 2940 out of a 22” Bartlien with an Ultra 7, about 1/2”. Less if I’m on my game, but I don’t handle recoil well, and for me the recoil in this...
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    Short barrel elk .308 cal elk rifle

    I hunt off of horses, and run an ultra 7 on pretty much everything I shoot, so I built myself a handy short action that would fit in a scabbard and be light enough to carry when stalking. I kicked around various combo’s just like you are, and settled on a short action chambered in 7mm/300 WSM. I...
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    Sand bags or bipod for load development

    Slightly different topic from consistent tracking during recoil, which seems to be cover pretty well already. Harmonics matter! They aren’t usually addressed directly, because generally harmonics are static rather than variable, but harmonics are exactly what every handloader attempts to...
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    Sand bags or bipod for load development

    Sand bags/rests set up so the rifle can recoil straight back and not effect/impede the harmonics of your rifle (by adding effective mass, as in your rifle is trying to move the sandbag instead of moving freely on the sandbag) is undoubtedly a more consistent method of shooting in general, and my...
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    Seating depth 215 Bergers question

    I totally agree with this. The only thing that MIGHT work better farther away is between your ears.
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    Seating depth 215 Bergers question

    Bergers can be SO frustrating to develop a load with! I know Litz says .040” steps, like you did, but I’ve found .020” increments to work better for me. I’ve absolutely never ever had a load with over .100” jump work well. I’ve been tricked a couple times because it really wants to be...
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    338-378 WBY Mag vs 338 Edge

    This is what I came up as well, when I tackled this question for myself. Reading through this thread I realize I got there for slightly different reasons though. Probably fairly subjective because I know other people bias their decision making criteria differently... but I prefer rock solid...