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    E-tip reload warning

    IMO, they also produce pressure faster than other monos. Loads for TSX bullets may be too heavy for the E-Tips.
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    Resurrection of the .308 & upping the game

    The 130 TTSX bullet, Lapua case, 46.5 Benchmark and a Fed 210M will produce .35moa at 400 yds in my rifle. Velocity is 3,150 ft/sec.
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    Bullet seating

    Checking every round as they come out of the seater die will show you just how much influence compressed loads have on CBTO measurement. It is one of the reasons that I avoid compressed loads when possible. Or .... you need to measure and adjust as Mikecr indicated.
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    Limbsaver recoil pads getting sticky

    ^^^^^ This is my situation as well ^^^^^ All of my Limbsavers were ground to fit on custom rifles. Some of the pads actually look like they are disintegrating. Some readily stick to the carpet in the safe. For now, I put a small piece of waxed paper between the pad and the carpet just so that...
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    Lapua Now Making LRP 6.5 Creedmoor Brass

    I thought that one of the reasons that Lapua went with the small primer pocket was so that the brass could withstand the higher pressure(s) that the 6.5 Creed shooters were commonly loading to. I've been using their SRP brass for awhile and find that it's capable of producing extremely...
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    Recovered Bullet Photo Gallery

    Speer 400gr JFP (45-70) taken from a 300+lb hog. Bullet expanded to 90 cal and remained intact. Launch speed was 1,700 ft/sec. Shot was 125yds.
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    Target bullet for hunting?

    I've shot a load of whitetails with match bullets, mostly the 162gr Hornady A-Max. On or behind the should they dropped quickly. Anything larger than deer and I use a conventional hunting bullet of one flavor or another. I was completely sold on Accubonds for their accuracy and terminal...
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    Insulated boots?

    Just for laughs - This is a Cabelas Predator Extreme Pac boot (size 9). I wore these on a Lake Placid snow goose hunt. We sat in a frozen blind, in sub zero temperatures, for the entire day overlooking a few hundred decoys. I never saw a single goose. :rolleyes:
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    300 wsm LR mountain rifle

    I should probably add that if you're interested in shooting a Hammer bullet heavier than the 181 you should look at their web site (or contact Steve) to determine the best twist rate for the application. But ... mono-metal bullets are long and a 300WSM build will probably limit how far out a...
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    300 wsm LR mountain rifle

    Good luck with your build. I used the 181 Hammer in my 30 Nosler to take a bull last year. At 315yds the bullet impacted broadside, high lung. The bull took a couple of steps but was down in 10 secs. In another 10 secs the bull went still. Pretty amazing terminal performance IMO.
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    “My rifle shoots .2s and .3s” ... huh?

    That particular rifle shot surprisingly small groups on a regular basis and was my primary groundhog rifle, taking hogs out to 1,000yds. However, in that the posted group was the smallest group I ever fired at range, I'd have to agree that there was certainly some luck involved. Maybe the...
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    Does the 6.5PRC need a Muzzle Brake?

    I HATE brakes! However, I do own and use a few. The recoil doesn't bother me at all. But the possibility of getting smacked by the ocular ring is a real concern with the magnum rifles. On rifles chambered in 300 mag+ I use a brake for personal safety but they have caused me to loose some...
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    Dog House’s

    I built a heavily insulated doghouse with raised floor and peaked (insulated) roof. I added a clear plastic flexible split dog-door. It weighed a ton and it took two people to lift the roof off for cleaning. It was also larger than needed which probably worked against the idea of containing the...
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    “My rifle shoots .2s and .3s” ... huh?

    While I normally shoot groups off a concrete bench with front & rear bags, this group was shot in the field off a bi-pod while using my fist as a rear bag. Quite literally the smallest group I have ever shot at distance. I guess this rifle shoots in the .1s". :rolleyes: