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    30 Nosler vs 300WM vs 300PRC

    Realizing that my 300RUM was just too much of a good thing, I rebarreled my magnum action with a 30Nosler Bartlein bbl. With the reduction in recoil I opted to do without a brake on this hunting rifle. While I have plenty of 30Nosler brass that shoots well, the new(er) ADG brass is now...
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    Final chapter has been written.....DOUBLE TROUBLE

    Nothing quite like a MONSTER BUCK. Great story - I'm sure the family memories will last for many generations.
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    Biggest buck I’ve ever seen

    VERY nice !! Congratulations.
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    Anybody load 168 TTSX in 308 Win?

    You can run the 150 TTSX at 2,900 ft/sec with any of the common powders used in a .308Win. The 168 TSX bullets only ran about 2,650 ft/sec during my testing. It's possible you could get a bit more but that was about it in my 22" bbl.
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    Drone for target viewing

    I use a quality 60x spotting scope for viewing targets @ 400yds. Beyond that, my buddy bought one of the remote cameras that is set up near the target and sends an image back to your phone, tablet, or laptop. I've never seen anyone use a drone. It could certainly present some problems if there...
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    Cleaning Process

    I'm a clean freak and will clean my rifles after every session at the range. However, if a rifle was shot less than 20 rounds I just don't bother. It usually takes about 3 rounds for the rifles to start grouping tight again after a cleaning. I keep some brass loaded with powder & bullets that I...
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    My Experiences with hammer bullets on game

    I've shot quite a few 181HHs in my 1-10" 30 Nosler. They group well at 400yds. The bull elk I took at 300+yds only needed one. :>)
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    Minimum Suggested Powders to Have for ALL classic Cartridges

    If I had to - I could probably limit myself to having only Varget and H1000. Thank goodness I don't have to. 😁
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    Hunting Rifle: Anyone Else Have No Desire for a Silencer?

    Only active LE Officers can own suppressors in NY. When you retire you must forfeit the device or maintain it in a state that will permit it. This is a non-free state.
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    Hammer Bullets and twist recommendations

    Keep your life simple: A. Check your rifling twist to ensure that it is what you were told; B. Use the info on the Hammer sight to comply with the minimum twist Done - 😁
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    Brass management

    As a new reloader you should always stay within charge weights listed in reliable reloading manuals. Sometimes you may find that even printed data exceeds what your rifle can safely handle. That's why it is normally recommended to start @ 10% below top listed loads and work up while carefully...
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    For Sale Redding 243 Win Imp Comp Bushing die

    I have a Redding Competition - Bushing neck size die in 243 Winchester Improved. Redding stock number is 56420.
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    Nosler 6.5 150g ABLR??

    I've ordered "blems" from SPS in the past. None of the bullets I've received ever had a blemish of any kind. It makes you wonder why the bullets are being discounted like that because they sure aren't blemished. OTOH - the 160 Accubond "blems" that I ordered shot slightly better than their...
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    Nosler 6.5 150g ABLR??

    SPS has the 150gr ABLRs in stock and on sale this morning !!
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    Nosler 6.5 150g ABLR??

    Not in my experience. I've shot umpteen whitetails over the last 40yrs and have used a wide variety of bullets over that time. Regardless of where they were hit, I never saw terminal damage like this and I've hit plenty of them on heavy bone. For years I shot A-Max bullets from a 7STW and never...