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    7mm or 30 cal? Just for curiosity’s sake

    Have had and still have rifles chambered for both '30 cal and 7mm. My choice is 7mm (7x64 Brenneke) all day long. I don't see or have experienced that the 30' cal did perform any better on game. Mostly using 7x64 and then 308 W. My 300 WM and 30 - 06 AI are unfortunately collecting dust only...
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    Best Value Long Range Hunting Rifle up to $5k

    Buy yourself a fantastic Heym Precision SR 30 (Heym USA) in 300 WM and don't look back. Will cost you round about 3,5 K. Some money left for a decent scope as well.
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    7mm wildcat

    No it doesn't require a magnum action, but since it's an odd (for the USA) medium case head due to dimension a gunsmith would have to open the bolt head slightly. Best would be to acquire an action for the caliber and then construct the wildcat of your choice. I would strongly recommend to...
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    Yet another "What cartridge?" thread

    You are absolutely right what you are saying, but you can at least find two major German manufacturers, RWS and /or Brenneke pluss Swedish Norma, which are loading accordingly to CIP - data and are outperforming SAAMI - loads all day long.
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    Yet another "What cartridge?" thread

    22' barrel and no extreme distances? In my eyes 7x57 Mauser would be a very good option. Originally with a 1 : 8,66 rate of twist it can shoot everything from 100 - 180gr without issues. Low recoil and fine accuracy are following additionally.
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    Which three must have calibers.

    7mm 8mm S (.323) 6,5 mm
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    Which Caliber?

    Easy! 280 AI gets i done. Short, medium and long distance. Easy to handle with perfect accuracy and terminal effect.
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    Best long range 6.5mm/.264 caliber for hunting deer sized animals

    PM me your address, and Joseph Messner will send you the brass directly. Can't do any more. Best service possible. Cheers Jens
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    Best long range 6.5mm/.264 caliber for hunting deer sized animals

    For me 6,5x63 Messner Mag, best there is for long range in combination with large game. Second choice would be 6,5x65 RWS.
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    If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?

    6,5x63 Messner Mag A modern 7mm (magnum performance). 8 mm is a must have to me (magnum performance).
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    My 6,5 mm powerhouse, the 6,5 x 63 Messner Mag.

    Please go to CIP - data, and there you will find everything you need included drawings! Brass comes from Horneber / Germany. Tel Nr and other information is available on Horneber's nett site. Robertson Brass in Texas will also produce brass if requested.
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    Looking for a good bullet for 6.5x284

    The 130gr Scirocco II is about perfect in 6,5 mm, and the ordinary 140gr Nosler AB is also performing very well.
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    .270 vs 6.5x55

    You can't override the physics ... simple as that. Living in Norway, European regulations due to CIP - data are both decisive for me and European manufacturers! That means max. pressure of 3800 bar or 55114 psi for the 6,5x55 SE. There is no free space for "extraordinary chamberings" or other...
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    .270 vs 6.5x55

    In my opinion it fails when the OP is trying to compare both cartridges in terms of performance, because the 270 W is working at a (almost) magnum pressure level while the 6,5 x 55 SE on the other hand is very moderate regarding this. The 270 W simply plays in another class, and while it can...
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    My 6,5 mm powerhouse, the 6,5 x 63 Messner Mag.

    Brass is made by Horneber in Germany, who is delivering on regular bases to the US, Graff & Sons etc. RCC (Texas) will surely be capable and willing of manufacturing them, also in small quantum. I had a conversation with the owner of the company couple of months ago, and he confirmed that it...