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    Giveaway Contest - 5 Quigley-Ford Long Range Hunting Rifle Scopes

    Enter Me In The Quigley-Ford Scope Contest
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    260 Load Help.. Quick Load???

    Here is some load data for you from starting loads to the max. The velocities are based on 24" barrel with berger 140 VLD's. As for the primers should not make a difference I use winchester primers as well. Hope this helps. Bullet Powder Start Load Approximate Start Velocity Max Load...
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    25-06 VLD Load help

    Load data was generated using Quick Load a 26 inch barrel a COAL (cartridge over all length) of 3.250 inches and your COAL and velocity could be a little different. AS WITH ALL RELOADING APPROACH THE MAXIMUM LOADS WITH CAUTION AS ALL RIFLES AND RELOADING TECHNIQUES WILL BE DIFFERENT. If YOU...