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    Savage short actions (4.4 or 4.2 ok)

    i'm hoping to buy or trade for a pair of Savage short action actions. I can make either 4.4 or 4.2 inch work. ideally would be in the southern Wisconsin area, but shipping is ok. please / thank you
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    Savage 110 (Older model) long action chassis

    Does anyone have a chassis sitting around for an older savage 110 long action?
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    MDT LSS Chassis Savage

    pm sent
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    WTT: My MDT LSS Gen 1 Chassis for a Savage 10 (short action) for a Savage 110 (long action) chassis

    Last year, during MDT's annual sale i bought a black Gen 1 LSS Savage Short Action (Model 10 / 11) chassis, but i meant to order a Long Action for a model 110 I'd like to trade for a long action. mine is brand new in the box, only removed once for pictures. i'd prefer a similar condition, but...
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    WTB: .260 Rem barrels - AR10 and Savage small shank

    yes i know, DPMS is technically not Ar10, but i'm looking for a couple of .260 Rem barrels one for a Savage small shank and one for a DPMS AR.308 platform prefer aftermarket
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    HS Precision LA Rem 700 stock with DBM and 7mm Rem Mag factory barrel (with brake)

    HS Precision (at least i was told it was when i bought it) Long Action Remington 700 stock with magazine fed Detachable Bottom Metal I had this on my 7mm until i rebuilt it this year bipod is negotiable bedded by a gunsmith for a Rem700 stock has pillars action screws included (i believe these...
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    Wanted: 3/4-24 muzzle brake (e.g. APA Fat Bastard or Alamo Four Star) under $125

    looking to buy a muzzle brake in 3/4-24 and i'd like to stay under $125 if possible please / thank you
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    7mm / .284 180 grain match rounds160-190 grains

    looking for 160-190 grain 7mm projectiles. i'm picking up my new rig monday and want to try out a few different options
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    Wanted: Remington 700 long action BFL bottom metal plate

    I need everything but if I have to I’ll piece it all together
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    Wanted: Remington 700 long action BFL bottom metal plate

    Looking for a Remington 700 LA BDL bottom metal Beat up is fine please
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Want to trade: my MDT LSS XL Gen 1 Rem 700 SA for same in Rem 700 LA

    I recently picked up a MDT LSS XL Gen 1 for a Remington 700 in short action, it's got a Bravo Company grip and one .308 Winchester mag. I was going to put it on my .223 but decided i'd like to see if i could do an even swap for the same in a long action (for use on my 7mm mag). it's got a little...
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    Are xcaliber or Apache Quality barrels?

    I’ve seen a few xcaliber and Apache barrels for sale lately I’m not familiar with those brands Any feedback? Or best to stick with brux, criterion, bartlein, etc? thank you
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    Savage action(s)

    Looking to buy one or two Savage actions I had seen someone with a couple for sale around $240 each but cannot find the ad please/thanks