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    Shoulder bump headspace

    Start with the #10, not the #4.
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    Shoulder bump headspace

    Maybe it would be less confusing by using the standard shell holder, and make all the adjustment with the FL die, starting with the die backed off 1/2 - 3/4 turn. Check with gauge and make small adjustments till you get there and lock it down.
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    Question about a load development method ....

    What is Es/ds ?
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    Question about a load development method ....

    can you tell me what SD & ES stand for?
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    Full size, neck size, or small base dies for 223 Rem?

    FL sizing die unless you have an AR with an extra tight chamber.
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    Why the 7mm Rem Mag?

    Why do any other cartridges exist when there is the .50 BMG? Best question is what do YOU like?
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    Wish me luck bedding new scope

    Thank you.
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    Wish me luck bedding new scope

    What about how the top half of the ring fits the scope? Is that not a concern like the bottom?
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    Wish me luck bedding new scope

    This is a joke, right?
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    Fire forming

    The most simplistic way to go is to just fire factory 25-06 in your rifle.
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    Fire forming

    Bullet seating depth will not make any difference. Just make sure you are not using a reduced loading - go to the upper end for fire forming for best results. Brass case wall thickness make a difference also, some brands are thicker and you will get different results with different head stamps...
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    Free CPS to worthy home.

    Oh good, I thought it was an accessory bolted to a firearm!
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    25-06 vs 257 wby

    The 25-06 Sako L61 (Ackley barrel) I have owned for more years than I like to admit, is the most accurate tack driver I have ever owned. Shoots factory ammo as well as reloads and puts 'em in one ragged hole.
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    Yes, how is the PM done?

    Yes, how is the PM done?
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    7x57 mauser in a 700 short action

    My 7x57 likes the bullets seated out to .005" behind the lands. If I had a short action, I would have lost out on the most accurate loads that I have produced. Why limit the capabilities of the caliber? Go with the 7mm-08 if you are stuck with the short action.