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    Absolute Hammer load data

    Looked at the spread sheet and didn't see what I was looking for. 300 win mag 151 AH with a powder I have. The loads listed weren't with a powder I have. I've got several options. RL26, H4350, IMR4350, N565, H4198, H1000, IMR4064, Varget, Benchmark, Ramshot TAC and probably a few others that...
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    I got my first bear last week in Washington

    Way to go!!! I went out scouting for elk this weekend but called it bear hunting since I had the rifle with. Most of the huckleberry aren't ripe yet but just starting down low. What unit did you get him in? Kris
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    How often windage adjustment during hunting?

    I hold for wind and elevation to about 500 yards. After that only dial elevation. Kris
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    PV has Alliant powders

    I just scored the last 2 cans of BH 209 from PV. Want to try it in my Knight thjs year for elk. Kris
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    PV has Alliant powders

    I was able to pick up an 8 on the last shipment. Kris
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    PV has Alliant powders
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    PV has Alliant powders

    Powder Valley has several Alliant powder. 17, 33, 22 etc No 26 yet.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 10mm brass

    Keep an eye on starline. I picked up a bunch from them not long ago. 10mm and 45 ACP Kris
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    SOLD/EXPIRED N570 Western WA

    Sent you a PM Kris
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    SOLD/EXPIRED N570 Western WA

    I've got an 8 lb jug of N570 that I'd like to sell. Thinking $400 but willing to trade for all or part. Interested in Retumbo, RL26 and H1000 I'll be traveling tomorrow through the weekend. Heading East on I-90 from Olympia to Idaho (Lewiston) then down towards Stanley for a Packgoat...
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    Some interesting projectiles in .300 win mag! What do you predict?

    I have a 30 Newton Had custom biult back around 2003. Very efficient cartridge. Kris
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    Buy it but it will probably be gone when you go back. Kris
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    I have 4 pounds of Ramshot LRT, guess I dig up some load data

    I recently acquired several pounds and hope to play with it this summer. Supposed to be good for guns that like Retumbo like slow powders. I hope it works great since it easily available and cost far less than similar powders. Kris
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    New Gunwerks LRF

    Looking to possibly update my LRF (SIG Kilo 220) this summer with something that has a ballistics calculator and the other bells and whistles biult in. What's the word on the new Gunwerks setup? I'm contemplating a sig 2400, possibly a combo bino/LRF or the gunwerks. I don't want to buy...
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    Handheld Laser Rangefinders 2021 - best value, buy?

    I was just looking at the Sig 2400 rangefinders and for the price of them it sounds like I could get one of the combo units. That does all the same stuff but with just 1 piece of equipment to keep track of. Hmmmm Kris