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    7mm berger bullet choice

    Running the 175 elites with 54-56gr H4350. One hole at 100 and have shot 3” group at 1,000. DRT on Axis at 500yds. Good luck!
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    260 AI help

    No experience with the 260AI but have a 280AI fire formed from 280 Remington and shot about 100 rounds that way and now on 4th reload on that brass. I check for proper length trim if needed and neck size only. Seems to be working fine but I do not load hot loads. No need to eat up all my parts...
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    UPDATED: 7mm and 338 bullets eld-x, berger, sierra, nosler, barnes, speer, failsafe

    How much on the 7mm fail safes?and the 7mm 175 Berger’s
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    New truck gun, what bullet?

    Try the controlled chaos by Lehigh defense 122gr works good on whitetail,pigs and varmints. 110gr. In Grendel works outstanding also
  5. T wife cant see consistently through th scope.

    Had the same problem with my wife. I did 3 things move up in power 4-12x50 and a lit reticle. Leupold VX-R. We also made sure the scope was adjusted for proper view when rifle is mounted. Hope this helps.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Discounted Cutting Edge bullets - CONDENSING TO NEW AD

    Are all the 6.5mm 125 or 130's gone?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Discounted Cutting Edge bullets - CONDENSING TO NEW AD

    Just keep me posted on total cost and payment info on the 165gr .308’s Thanks Pierre
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    Tikka T3x Recoil - Suitable for Youth?

    I Have three boys and started the oldest with a 243 Ruger compact at 6 years old. The middle one with a Remington sps in .308 at 6 and the youngest now 18 with a Thompson 25-06 at 6 also with a heavy barrel and thumb hole stock. They all currently still have those rifles and have added to them...
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    7SAUM Moose bullet choice?

    Here is what works in mine. I run 160gr. Accubonds pushed by 54gr. H4350 makes one ragged hole at 200 yards. Was lucky enough to find a box of 160gr Nosler Fail Safe from a few years ago and these also work great! Photo shows 3 accubond and 2 fail safes at 200! Be safe Good Luck!!
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    28 nosler and scirocco ii 's

    Try a 175gr. bullet didn't have much luck with any lighter than that. RL33 84-87gr. working well for me. ABLR is what I'm currently pushing 2900+