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    6.5 Creedmoor Primers... (Remington 61/2 vs Winchester WSR

    There's brass for both primers, I load mine with LR primers but I load for a friend and his brass uses SR primers.
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    Old powder ok??

    Rotate the jugs to agitate the powder, then open them and smell them, if they have an acrid smell they're no good, if they smell ok then load away. I still have powders in metal cans with $2.95 & $3.95 stickers on them and they are fine.
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    Idaho Opener

    Thought that one might of been from the Bruneau area, weird racks there, same thing with the mulies. Congratulations on a unique goat.
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    Real Hunters?

    I sold all of my dohickies years ago, I now only use thingamajigs. 😀
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    New member

    Welcome from N.E. Pennsylvania!
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    Gempro 250

    Everything Woodnut said plus don't get it too close to your press, they can sometimes problems as well. I had to move every digital scale that I tried off my bench and into a room without carpeting before they settled down, way too much trouble, I went back to a balance beam scale.
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    Real Hunters?

    Been a Hunting Guide for 28 years. Does that qualify?
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    Anyone You Know?

    That's hysterical! LMAO Thanks
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    Is this a black bear or grizzly

    Black Bear, I see them around my house and property all the time. Have one over 500 lbs. I bought my bear tag for the first time in years, will try to give him lead poisoning this fall.
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    Best method to crimp? Please no discussion about merits of crimp, OK?

    I agree with Butterbean, invest in a Lee factory crimp die, that's all I use on the rounds that I crimp for. Absolutely perfect crimps and easily adjustable for amount of crimp.
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    powder funnel blues

    No problem, thanks anyway.
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    powder funnel blues

    I'll take it. Let me know how much shipping is.
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    Standard 270 win

    I still use a 270 Win. in a Weatherby. 130 gr. bullets H4350 powder. When I lived in Idaho I did a lot of custom loads for people the 270 Win was second in request only to the 7mm R.M. . Isn't it interesting that a lot of the new calibers coming out are compared against the 270 Win? Just saying! 😉
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    Thank You my brothers and sisters God Bless you and let us not forget the hero's that made the ultimate sacrifice.
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    Scope or Red Dot for turkey gun?

    I've been guiding turkey hunters for 27 years and I'm a firm believer in red dots. Head position isn't an issue if the dot is on the bird it will hit, as opposed to someone lifting their head and only seeing the front bead and shooting over the bird. With a scope you still have parallax to...