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    Tikka hunter 300 win mag

    I’ll take this per our phone conversation. Thanks
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    How many rounds on this? Thanks
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    300 WSM Norma Brass

    I’ll take these per our pm. Thanks
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    "inexpensive" 2000 yd target rifle

    How did the win mag do at the June 2000 shoot? Hope y’all had a good time.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Adg Edge brass $125 for 170 pieces

    Hey I had all of the 150 once and twice fired but seem to have misplaced I think 9 of the multiple fired brass so I threw $20 bucks in the box. If I owe you more let me know. Sorry about that, if they turn up I will send them to you. Troy They are shipping today. I want to be sure you are...
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    Tikka ctr

    Looks like $800 shipped
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Adg Edge brass $125 for 170 pieces

    New brass sold so let’s go $125 for the 170 fired brass. Thanks

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