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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS/FT: Redding Custom 7 Dakota dies & Brass

    I'll do $150 for the works. Or $75 for the brass. 6054844571 you can text me
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem Sendero 300 RUM

    I have a Remington 700 sendero in 300 ultra and 100 pcs of brass also have FL RCBS die set and an RCBS neck sizer die asking $1200 obo Text me 605-484-4571
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB long action sendero/5R take off

    I'm looking to buy a sendero or 5R long action take off stock please let me know what you have. Thanks Tristan
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Leupold vx7 3.5-14x50 $1000 obo

    I have a leupold vx7 3.5-15x50 for sale it is in great shape you can text or email with any questions. I would be open to trade for sightron SIII plus cash on your side. Thanks Tristan 605-484-4571 [email protected]
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    230gr Berger Hybrid Target end results....

    Is your barrel 30" with or without the brake? Looking at a new build
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Need to borrow or trade for a .260 rem FL die

    I am in need of a full length sizing die for .260 rem please pm me
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    Need help savage barrel questions

    Yes both McGowan and shilen offer a small shank prefit in 7RUM thanks for the reply I'll try to let you know how it turns out
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    Need help savage barrel questions

    Fantastic thank you so much I was just worried about flex with the savage action
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    Need help savage barrel questions

    Getting ready to pull trigger on new barrel for a savage long action I have I am looking at a 30" shilen or McGowan in 7mm RUM will I run into issues with a barrel that long on a standard shank savage and one piece base on top? Thanks Tristan
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    HELP!! Looking for 7mm STW Brass

    Winchester 7mm STW Unprimed 50 Reloading Brass Cases Good price and available
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Meopta Meopro 10x42 binos

    Make an offer I need to sell these