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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    It's all relative I guess. When I first moved away from my long bow to compound I was all about speed and was shooting something in the mid 300 grains, then moved to the grizzly stick at around 640 gr. WOW what a penetration difference on that move but I didn't like the trajectory for longer...
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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    **** I wish I had a longer draw legnth!
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    Hunting boots for mountain hunting

    That's the way to do it, what a great place to try on boots. Sure wish there was a Scheels around here.
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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    Yes indeed!
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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    The With 250 spine they fly straight and I am always impressed by how flat the trajectory really is. I spend a lot of time shooting at 80-100, love watching my lit knocks fly at that distance. With the modern bow even "slow" isn't slow. From my experience momentum and high foc makes two holes best.
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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    Vertical bow, Def con6. I moved to this high foc about 10 years ago, I like the performance a lot. I have had pass throughs on elk every year since the move.
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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    I shoot Black Eagle micro, 230 tip weight, total weight 510.
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    Spot Hogg or HHA bow sites

    Yep, totally agree Spot Hogg's are tuff as nails. I currently shoot fast eddie 3 pin. I added a 3rd marker on the dial to represent yardage for the 3rd pin. I hunt with the dial set 30, 40, 50. This puts first pin good to go from 0 to 35.
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    What's your favorite hunting bow?

    Old thread with a lot of nice bows. I've had a lot of favorates both stick and tech. My current bow is Obsession Defcon6 pulls at 76#, shoots em straight and fast.
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    Your Closest Archery Big Game Kill

    3 ft. Had just gotten off my mule, walked down the hill for a couple minutes. Through the timber I see two branched bulls running with there heads low weaving around the branches. I knelt down to watch the dance. One peeled away at about 10 yards the other ran straight at me, stopping and...
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    what is your favorite LR broadhead?

    230 valkyrie
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    What pack are you using?

    Old thread but I figured I would jump on. My vote is Kifaru, I currently run the nomad 2. What I like most about this bag is keeping all the hunting gear in the lid and side bags, loading a camp bag with camp. So nice to pack in, drop the camp bag and go hunt. Kifaru carries a meat load...
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    Hunting boots for mountain hunting

    I live here in Colorado and hunt Sept-Nov. I use the same non-insulated boots for everything, I am a mover though. Love the hot toe heated packs in the morning. Be careful to buy the boot that fits the best not the brand recommended.
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    Sleeping bag decision

    I love my WM bags. I get the most use out of my Alpinlite. It has kept me warm sept & oct then I move to my 0 bag.
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    338 Remington ultra Magnum reloading

    So much great information and knowledge here. Thank you