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    This thread was worth reading just to find out about the Sinclair Hex Comparator. So much better than the Hornady that requires changing the bushing for each bullet size. thanks for draining $20 out of my pocket! ;)
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    1.04 Mile Prairie Dog

    Well done!
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    I've had an MS for quite a few years now. Have used it on barrels from sporter weight to truck axle thick. None have shown a POI shift with MS attached directly to barrel. Just my experience.
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    Berger Prep for Terminal Performance

    This is a good thread with helpful information. I did not realize so many were checking meplats on Bergers to ensure their performance. Made me think of the meplat uniforming tool that Kevin Cram makes (he is a LRH sponsor gunsmith).
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    Have you taught anyone to reload ?

    Rather than teach your grandson the entire process, let him get involved in small ways. For instance, you could do all the case prep, priming and weigh powder and drop it in the cases. Then let you grandson load the bullets. This way, he gets to handle the bullet and 'pull the handle'. He could...
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    Retumbo Powder

    I am in northern Virginia and have ~7lbs of Retumbo. I would be willing to sell a couple pounds.
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    Leupold Mk4 8.5-25x50mm ER/T + Accessories $950 Shipped

    Fellas - this is a great scope!
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    Bull Elk This Morning your area you can only hunt spike bulls? What's the reasoning behind that?
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    Leupold Mk4 8.5-25x50mm ER/T + Accessories $950 Shipped

    Here is my Leupold Mk4 8.5-25x50mm ER/T riflescope Model # 110079. It is first focal plane with M1 turrets and TMR reticle. Adjustments are in mils. It is used and in great condition. It has a small mark on the elevation turret and the faintest ring mark that if I didn't tell you it was there...
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    Comparing the Berger 210 VLD to the 215 Hybrid

    Brett - my point is that you can spec out a rifle build however you want. In your case, you would say to a gunsmith, "I want a 300wm shooting the 215hybrid at mag length with .005 jump." Then he would build it. The compromise you would have to deal with is the slight loss of velocity because of...
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    Comparing the Berger 210 VLD to the 215 Hybrid

    Brett: How your rifle is chambered is completely up to you. Like you, I am not sure what 'match chambered' means. What I do know is that whenever I have dealt with a reputable gunsmith, I have discussed my accuracy desires/requirements and its functionality. For instance, I built a 7saum (short...
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    Borescope of my 338 Edge crown after 500+ rounds

    wow...all this discussion of how to clean a barrel. I haven't cleaned the barrel of any of my rifles in several years with no ill effects.Maybe I'm just lucky?
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    Deer farts?

    Or someone figured out how to bottle deer farts and use it for a cover scent!

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