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    Proud dad moment

    congratulations to both of you my daughters hunt and fish a 2 of our sons now I am working on the grandkids, you should be proud, you are teaching a skill that can feed him and his family for life , good job well done
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    Caliber choise for Wolves

    Brent , that’s why I have a snow cat , I have seen several wolfs in my game cam’s this year but not got one yet , I hope it snows soon
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    Wisconsin wolf hunters exceed state's quota by double during abbreviated hunt

    Most people don’t really know the path of destruction WOLF’S really leave behind
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    I’m new here

    welcome from idaho
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    Wisconsin wolf hunters exceed state's quota by double during abbreviated hunt

    it amazes me how the people in the offices always no more than the guy that actually see’s them in person or watches the devastation they cause on the elk,deer and live stock populations out in the country
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    Coyote hunting tips

    ok I was just wondering
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    Coyote hunting tips

    D what part of the country do you hunt in , no tell um creek or hills LOL
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    Youth - 260 Rem or 25.06??

    after teaching 6 kids how to shoot and hunt and now working on grandkid number 14 I have found the 243. Works pretty good my 14 year old grand daughter shot an elk at 125 yards with her 243. One shot it dropped , I like to focus on one shot one kill
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    New to the forum looking info

    I forgot to mention it does have a composite stock
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    New to the forum looking info

    to Those that have replied so far I really appreciate all the info , I think that it’s up to me to go to work and make it happen thank you
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    Where are most members from

    any one have a recipe for IMR 4955 with a 100 grain hornady or a 107 grain Sierra or an 87 grain Sierra, , any information would be great I can’t find any thing on the IMR site thx
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    wolves and elk

    I guess the food is just going to show up , that Elk roast we had for Sunday dinner was pretty good
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    Your 'yote rifle and...

    I am out in the desert here almost every day , I carry my 22-250 in the PU every where I go and if I am out walking I carry a 357 mag also
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    wolves and elk

    I love people that are over educated and know everything about something they have never really been around in real life , wolfs are very allusive animals that kill just to kill , I have watched them migrate all the way from Montana to Cascade Idaho how I herd a rumor that one was shot All the...
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    wolves and elk

    RR I can surly agree with you , as we have people dictating to us how to take care of our land that we have learned to manage for almost a hundred years , then someone that has grown up in another state in a big city is trying to tells us the way we should live and what we need to do to preserve...