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    300 RUM and Hammer bullet

    Thank you for the replies. I’d be interested in Wolffmans findings with the 214 gr., what twist barrel?
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    300 RUM and Hammer bullet

    Recenly had a RUM put together with 700 action and Proof 1:9.4 twist, 26”. I’m wanting to try Hammer bullets and wondering if someone may have experience with same barrel and tell what grain Hammer Hunter worked best for up to 800 yards or plus for accuracy and consistency? If willing to share...
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    300 RUM

    I’m a fan of rl26 with heavier bullets so it was my go to with 215 Berger, proven with 243,6.5-284 and Remington 300 rum. Now have a proof barrel with bighorn action 300 rum built and 2 days before going on elk hunt I was not confident with 1000 yard accuracy with rl26, switched to H1000 and...
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    Need bullet suggestions! 300rum

    Shot my first elk which was a cow at 540 yards with 300 rum and 215 Berger, dropped hard and kicked once. Blew thru the lungs, would not hesitate using it. Have had excellent accuracy results out to 1100 yards with H1000 which is far as I’ve practiced with.
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    H4350 for a .243 Winchester?

    When I first started loading bout 18 months ago, I started with 243 and been hooked ever since. My go to is RL26 for 105 hybrid with 210m shooting savage with proof barrel at 3054 fps with excellent results out to 1k yards. With 87 gr hornady and 95 gr Berger classic go with H4350. Best results...
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    Best powder for LR 300 win mag

    Ditto what pallen1067 says. I tried retumbo first then RL26 and dint look back. Very stable in my use.
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    Best powder for LR 300 win mag

    I use RL26 for 300 rum with 215m and 215 gr Berger at 2970 fps, very consistent. It also works very well for my 6.5/284 & 243.