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    Absolute Hammer load data

    I don’t have anything, thinking I’ll wait until I can find something more suitable. thanks
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    I really would like to try h100 I just don’t know when it will be available. The only powder that I have is Varget and Retumbo. I guess I can wait and see what becomes available.
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    I have a 6.5x284 with a 20” barrel. I have some of the 129 AH on the way. Would Retumbo or Varget be better to start with? Thanks
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hardy Carbon 6.5-284 savage small shank

    I take next dibs after Grouse.
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    B.C. Mt Goat hunt

    Photo from the Outfitters website.
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    B.C. Mt Goat hunt

    My friend/hunting partner bought a great Goat hunt with Wicked River Outfitters in northern B.C. Long story short while he was on a sheep hunt last year he got a phone call with terrible news that one of his family members was admitted to the hospital with a very serious cancer. The treatment...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb savage LA chassis

    Looking to buy a chassis for a long action savage. Planning on building a 6.5x284. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Dan
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 6.5-284 Long Range Hunter

    Kasey- this is a different model then you are thinking of. This is only available through cabelas! Check it out on their web page.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski EL 8.5x42 binoculars

    Here is another picture
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski EL 8.5x42 binoculars

    I'm selling an almost new set of Sworovski El 8.5x42 binoculars. This comes with everything as it would from the factory including a blank warranty card. These have only been used on a few hunts and show virtually no wear. The only reason I'm selling is I want a pair of rangefinder binos...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .300 WSM by Predator Custom Shop

    Weight and any pictures of groups?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB 264 Win Mag

    A local site has this (not mine) Pm me if intersted and I can give you details. 264 Winchester Mag Model 70 (post 64) Winchester in 264 mag blued action and barrel, beautiful wood stock with decellerator pad. 3X9 Vari X1 in Leupold rings and bases. Also new brass and RCBS Dies. Asking...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Delete Listing Please, need to update info.

    Re: .260, Trued 700, Fluted Benchmark Barrel How does it shoot? What's the total weight? Why are you selling?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB .260 or 6.5x284

    I'm looking to buy a new riffle. Not interested in a sporter weight barrel looking for something a little heavier. I would like a detachable mag but not a must. I would like a savage but not set on it. Can't afford a custom! Let me know what you have.