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    Rifle recommendations

    I did look at the Ridgeline as well as Mesa in the CA's. For me it came down to the stock. I like the Monte Carlo stocks, just felt better to me. The Traverse is a bit heavier than the Ridgeline but that wasn't much of a factor for my application. If they made a Mesa with the same stock I...
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    Rifle recommendations

    I appreciate all the input here. I ended up going with the Christensen Arms Traverse in 7mm Remington. I'll be putting a Swarovski Z5 with ballistic turret on it and a Magpul bipod. Rifle and scope should arrive this weekend and I'll post some pictures and groups if a goes well
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    Rifle recommendations

    I am looking at buying a new rifle. I am pretty committed to 7mm Rem., although I have considered 28 Nosler as well. This would be my primary hunting rifle for elk, mule deer, hopefully desert bighorn at some point, ect. The rifle needs to be all weather, able to be carried, put in a scabbert...

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