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    SOLD/EXPIRED SIG Sauer P226 "Extreme" 9mm

    Thinking about it. pm me if you are thinking of dropping the price a bit more. Thanks.
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    Boots for Hunting high / backpacking

    look at lathrops and sons if you want a great pair of boots. A little spendy, but really fit well in the end. Insulation is the only issue with the lathrops. T
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    Cabelas Alaska hunter boots

    They are great boots, very comparable to Kennetrek. Hold up for years, very rugged. Feel strange like a ski boot at first, but keep the feet comfortable and reduce blisters.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Christensen 300 wsm

    There is one for sale on, classified adds.
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    Trying to determine OAL

    Solved the problem. Got everything working. Amazing how a day off a little thought and then tackling the problem again solves the problem. THanks for the help. T
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    Trying to determine OAL

    Having some trouble with getting a length with the 210 berger bullets in a 300 rum. I am getting real consistent measurements with the Hornandy OAL gauge. THe length is too long for the magazine, so have made the max length what will fit in the magazine. So I seated bullets in the cases X 3...
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    6.5 X284 vs 300 ultra

    Thanks for all the responses. I sure have enjoyed this website over the years, guess i am really on board now. T
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    6.5 X284 vs 300 ultra

    I am new to the board, but have been lurking in the shadows for quite sometime. Me and a buddy have been gently arguing about some of the pros and cons of each of the above rifles. I argue that properly set-up a 300 ultra can shoot as accurately as a 6.5 at a1000 yds and that the power that it...