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    Great Falls colder than south pole ...

    -47 wind chill in forecast for this afternoon, right on its not -50 . When you walk into the house your parka looks like its smoking, ha ha have a Great Day.
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    Great Falls colder than south pole ...

    Still snow on the ground may 15 ,no cudding I snore we have better rest when we sleep alone. My problem today is, Whats the hang time on the beer before it solidify?
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    Great Falls colder than south pole ...

    -44 here yesterday with wind chill had about a week of -30 or more .3 to 7 min. before frost bite .normal temp -7 at this time of the year. Normaly warms up in may.
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    no gun powder

    finally a small order of gun powder came into Saskatoon I pickup 2lbs of Win 748 at Cabelas and heard that Northpro sports had some Imr 4350 on the way there I stopped a Wholesale sports they had only got 1 container of Imr 4350 he brought out a 8lb keg :) Sometimes being lucky is better than...
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    no gun powder

    At least we can still buy factory loads, but I am going to use my speciality loads sparingly. While continuing to go though trigger withdraw.
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    Nosler 300WSM brass?

    Nosler brass is my first pick for my 300wm and 25-06 HB rifles. The best I have used.
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    no gun powder

    Can't seem to find any Imr 4350, Win 231,Imr 4320 or any other powders I use to reload on a regular basis. I am not willing to use up my small stock for daily target practice. I am changing my calibers smaller this year for hunting coyotes, to stretch my powder out for big game hunting. Any one...
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    Do you need to size brand new cases?

    Win.and brass I run threw the case tumbler ,relube, F.L. resize , then reload ,I find that the lube on some new brass:) has a lot of grit in it.
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    New Tikka T3 Stock Line Sneek Peek!!!

    Great just what I am looking for, hope they are available in Canada next year. Just love those Tikka rifles.:)
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    Bullet weight, velocity and energy???

    Iam looking for a rifle (tikkaT3 hunter lite ) in a 270 cal. for 2 young hunters I took out last year elk hunting and white tail hunting.14 and 15 years old. coyotes to elk good all around cal. for anyone.
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    Long range coyotes

    I live in a irrigation area,the irrigation pivots points are 440yds to the center of the field ,+30yds to the center of road. There are roads,to regulate water flow ,around every field,since I am doing a drive by, I like the Ballistc Pix best. Range Finder is the,pivot point, shut truck off...
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    New brass vs once fired

    I have never turn away brass some day I may need them, clean them,put them in the recycle pail,rest put in ziplock bags mark them Win,Rem, or what ever.Their may be a time when the recyle pail will make one more round,or melt them down for a fishing weight,ect Cal. does not...
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    bearing length vs accuracy

    I just got back from the city no RL17 or H1000 or Berger any thing,so But I pickup 100 rounds of Nosler Accubonds 200gr. and do have IMR 4350 .Iam intrigued with what I learned here.Thanks:)Any suggestions.
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    bearing length vs accuracy

    I have to go to the city to get reloading supplies nun here.What are you using with these heavy gr. bullets?
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    bearing length vs accuracy

    I haven't tried 190gr or 210gr bullets in this rifle yet but I sure will,Thanks for all the info.:)