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    Bullet selections

    I use both of the bullets you asked about. They work great and shoot fantastically esp the Sierra.
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    .308Win - RE16

    Why RL-16 when Vargret works so well. I use RL-16 in my 6.5 Creedmoor loads with great results, but my 308s get Varget..
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    Did 6.5 PRC obsolete the 6.5 CM only to be made obsolete?

    No, the PRC will not kill the Creedmoor, just to answer the first question. I can not believe I read this entire post.
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    Brass questions

    Starline is good brass - I have purchased Lapua, Norma, Peterson, etc and really don't see any advantage. When I reload a new cartridge I buy Starline and don't look back.
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    Reloading for a short barrel .308 WIN

    Close to max load of Varget (43 to 45.5gr) with Berger 168 Classic Hunter or Siera 165 Gr Gameking, never have seen a 308 that did not like the load - have shot it in Remington 1in 12, Tikka 1in 11, and Ruger 1 in 10 - all 0f these rifles had 20 to 22-inch barrels. They are all hunting loads.
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    Major copper fouling?

    I bought a 308 Savage Stealth when they first came out. It did the same thing your rifle does. It had been broken in per the previously posted procedure and still coppered up after about 20 or 30 rounds. So I ordered a Shilen Select Match barrel and it does not copper up anymore. As a side note...
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    Hornady rifle dies do not crimp. I have had the problem with Peterson Brass, I believed their claim that they were ready to load so I did not run through an expander die, Well I did after the first load attempt. By the way, they make great brass the problem was mine.
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    Powder Questions

    Buy bulk whether it is 8 1lb cans or 1 8 pound jug.
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    Shooting in the heat

    Chamber cooler and an air mattress pump and plastic hose. Takes a while but works - also I shoot several rifles letting the little fan work on the guns I am not shooting.
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    Case Trimming

    I use Little Crow trimmers. I set them to trim a couple of thousands less than max and trim after every sizing.
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    Better option for hand depriming tool

    Harvey. ( works great, I have 2 one for standard primer holes and one for small (Peterson), OK I could change the stem but ---.
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    Need 100% honest fact based answers.

    I use Forster seating dies because they give me the best results. So I tried a 308 sizer die and was disappointed because the neck runout was not as precise as my Redding dies, I never did call them, just put it aside. I have called them before with questions and they have always been excellent...
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    Powder Suggestions and Misc Questions

    Just get VARGET. I load 223 and 308 on your list and have tried multiple powders over the years, but Varget gives me the accuracy and in the 308 the velocity that makes it the only powder that I use in those calibers. I do not load for a 7mm-08 but since the case is based on the 308 I am...
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    Group issues

    Is this a new rifle or a new chamber or a new barrel? If it is a new barrel talk to the maker.

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