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    What factory ammo for 7MM?

    Guys thanks for all the advice. I should have mentioned that I was debating between the HSM 168VLD or the Federal Premium Sierra GK 165. I can get the FP SGK at my local gunshop for a good price but would have to order the HSM's online. Does anyone have any experience with FP Sierra GK 165...
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    What factory ammo for 7MM?

    New to long shooting guys. I have a Rem Sendero in 7MM, 9.25 twist, Jewell trigger, and Nightforce SHV 5-20x56. Need some opinions on factory ammo and grains as I am not set up to reload yet. Gun will be used for long range steel shooting and hunting from 100-500. Thanks in advance.
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    Night force shv

    Hey guys, new here. Also looking for some advice. I just purchased the 5-20 SHV for my Sendero 7MM. I am putting together a .223 Rem. 700 LTR and thought that the 4-14 would fit it well however learned that it doesn't have the Zero Set. What are yalls thoughts on how important it is. This...