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    What .257 bullet are you shooting?

    117 SST
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    When to give up on a barrel?

    My vote is sell it and get a hells canyon. You will get your .5 groups but saving over half of the money. Sell it and buy a hells canyon. You will save a crap ton of money and still get your .5 five shot groups.
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    Mule deer caliber

    Sounds like a fun purchase!! ... also expensive.
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    Mule deer caliber

    Thanks for the help guys. Any recommendations on which shooting sticks to bring out west? I have tried the primos trigger sticks but they didn't feel very steady, even at 100 yards
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    Mule deer caliber

    Awesome, that is kinda what I'm leaning towards. Thanks for your opinion
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    Mule deer caliber

    I booked my first mule deer hunt and was wondering which caliber I should use. My first deer gun is a 25-06 shooting 117 Hornady SSTs and has killed every whitetail ever shot very fast. My second is the 6.8 western shooting 175 grain Sierra game kings. Both guns shoot around 1/2 inch 5 shot...
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    6.8 Western

    I love mine. It shoots around .5 inch 5 round groups at 100 and will put down deer and elk no problem. I shoot the 175 grain Browning Long Range out of a hells canyon speed
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    Deer Rifle.

    I haven't been able to check to weight yet. Scheels has them for 2,500. Not many calibers to choose from but I think Recon is right when he says 6.5 PRC. I have looked at the fierce rifles but still haven't checked out the seekins. I'm also trying to get my hands on the mesa titanium.
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    Deer Rifle.

    Hey guys, I was thinking about getting a super light deer gun and was leaning towards the Christensen Arms ridgeline titanium. Has anyone had any experience with this particular rifle? Is it worth the money? I would mount a Swarovski Z5 on it. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in 25-06 so I...
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    Which Nightforce

    I have the NX8 2.5x20 and think it is great. I would highly recommend.
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    Advice on a new 25.06 mainly for deer

    I have a Hells Canyon Speed in 6.8 western and love the coating on the stock. That was my favorite part about it. I also love the recoil hawg muzzlebrake. Makes the 6.8 barely move when I shoot it.
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    best whitetail deer bullet

    Hornady SST
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    Advice on a new 25.06 mainly for deer

    I shoot 117 grain Hornady SSTs out of my Savage 116 weather warrior in 25-06 and it straight up crushes deer. I would say even on a bad day it shoots 3/4 groups at 100 yards and trust me, I am not the best shot. The gun outshoots me all day long. They aren't the prettiest guns but hard to beat...
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    What is your average hunting shot distance?

    I put my limit as 500 yards on deer/elk. However I have never had to shoot over 100 yards. Most deer are shot at 50 or less