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    Why is this so hard this year

    All of my rifle shoot lights out they are all built by Nate at ssg. When I run my shorty 243 with the shark can it shoots 105 amass into tiny groups. As for How the silencer works. When I hunt with friends and I shoot it they need to be within 50-75 to hear it. It they are upwind they usually...
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    Why is this so hard this year

    Your right I'm down to preference. In your guys opinion which rifle will offer the best performance to 7-800 with good knock down but not overkill. Remember I I don't want to destroy the pelt that's why I'm Leary of the 6x284 screaming a 105 Berger or amax.
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    Why is this so hard this year

    That's my hard part. I want to decide a coyote rifle for the next couple Years and sell the others off. Just want to make a good choice. Want to run 1 rifle instead of multiple.
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    Why is this so hard this year

    I am having a hard time deciding on my coyote rifle this year. I am a accomplished long range hunter. With that in mind I want to have the opportunity to harvest a animal if he holds 7-800 out. I prefer closer shots. Last year I only harvested 2 over 600 yards the rest were 400 and closer. My...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Seekins DM WSM system

    Money sent in morning per our texts
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    collared coyote

    R u sure it's not a dog? J/k where was it shot? Montana? Which part?
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    Fur friendly long-range rifle/bullet

    Not enough gun for shooting 700 yards with DRT knock down.
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    Fur friendly long-range rifle/bullet

    for years i have been running a 243. ive ran both 105 bergers and amax they are great on long range. there are on the other hand very devistating on close shots. i am trying to find something that will be alittle better for short and long range. Anyone tried 75 or 87grain vmax on longer shots...
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    Fur friendly long-range rifle/bullet

    I have been in search of a coyote rifle that I can shoot out to 700 with. I would like to be 22-250ai or bigger since I want drt. Not to mention that we also get to shoot mountain lions. What are your thoughts on a great rifle/bullet for shooting coyote, bobcat and fox without blowing the living...
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    What schmidt and bender??? is better

    I have finally narrowed down my scope choice between 2 scopes. I am looking for great glass and a ranging reticle with turrets. This will be going on my ultra-light hunting rifle. It is chambered in 7mmwsm and weights 6 lbs. this rifle will be used for hunting deer, elk and sheep out to a max of...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED swaro ELs with doubler

    i want to sell as a set. if they dont sell i will leave them im the glovebox.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED manners t5a- 210 bergers-weather station

    700-210 Berger’s Same lot- sealed boxes $290shipped Sky master weather station I bought this and never opened the package the staple is still in. $150shipped Manners T5a Remington short action 700 come with mini chassis with red TAC latch and adjustable cheek piece. Sling studs 1 rear and 2 in...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED swaro ELs with doubler

    I am selling my 10x42 EL swaro binos. These are in great condition and well taken care of. They will be shipped in original box. You also receive a Swarovski doubler. 1700 shipped. can be reached by email faster [email protected] Possible trades Custom actions 223AI or 308 remington bolt...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SSG 300 win mag

    I traded this rifle from a friend. The rifle was built by Nathan Dagley at Straight shot gunsmithing. The rifle started as a sendero. The previous owner bought new and sent it to SSG. the actions was trued and squared. the bult was fluted. The rifle had a new 26 inch (will confirm length)sendero...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 2 mark 4 6.5x20x50

    i have 2 luepold mark 4 rifle scopes both are 6.5x20x50. they have M1 turrits and bulter creek covers. both are in great shape. 1 scope is mounted in tps rings but was properly installed so i doubt ring marks. other scope is not mounted and i dont see marks. i am listing these as scopes alone...

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