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    308win and Antelope

    Hello everyone, Has anybody used a 308 win for antelope hunting in the Oklahoma panhandle? I have read in the past that the cartriges of choice for such game is the 25-06 and 243. Thanks for your time.
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    Hello, Could someone tell me the difference between a Sako and Remington extractor? I was entertaining the thought of getting a replacement bolt for my Rem SA. Thanks for your time
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    Powder dispenser...

    Hello, I have a Lee powder dispenser(meter?) that came with the kit I bought 5 years ago but it's not very accurate and since I started shooting matches it's taking me too long to reload. Any good one out there for under $100.00??? Thanks for your time
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    Weaver Binoculars...

    Hello, I see a lot of posts about Zeiss and other brands but don't see any on the Weaver Grand Slam binoculars series, yet at they run about $400.00 Any of you have any experience with them? I have the Grand Slam rifles series and am very happy with them. Will the Nikon ATB be...
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    .308 barrel length

    Hello, I was wondering what length you 308 shooters are using? I was debating between 24 and 26 inches. Will longer than 26 even matter? The gun will be used for target so accuracy will have to come first but I could use the extra fps with no significant lost in velocity. Thanks for your time.
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    Newbie 243 or 308

    Hello MattD, I am by no means an expert but from what little I know I would go with the .308 . I have a Sendero in 25-06 and wish everyday that I bought the .308 which by the way I will have it rebarell to that cartrige at the end of this year even though it still shoot poly good. You mentioned...
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    Leupold Vari-X III 6.5x20x40mm Total MOA...

    Hello, I was just wondering how many moa does this scope has. I am planning on getting Chris to rebarrel my 25-06 to a 308 and hope to do some 1000 yards shooting next year. Will I have enough moa? Thanks for you time.
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    Hello, Are all the dies from different manufacturers poly much the same?. If so why are some a LOT more expensive than others? I am currently using LEE neck sizing dies and Hornady seating dies but was wondering about the more expensive ones. Are they worth the moneys??? Just always looking for...
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    Seating depth...

    hello, I am curious if any of you encounter this inconsistency when reloading. I am using Nosler 100g Bal. Tip. for my 25-06. Anyhow my problem is that a lot of the loaded ammos can differ by as much as .015" in OAL, even when I measure from the orgive by using my Stoney Point tool. Suggestion...
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    Bullet stabilization...

    Hello all, It has always been my understanding that the bullet is stabilized or close to it when it leaves the barrel. This old boy at the gunshop I used to shop told me the reason I am getting good group(for me) at 100 yards and not at 200 is that the bullet has not stabilized. This doesn't...
  11. T mil dot game simulation...

    Hello, Anyone bought this game? Played the demo and thought it was interesting, but for $39.95 that's kind of expensive, especially since the replay value might be terrible. Any thought? Thank you for your time.
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    Chrony Chronographs...

    Hello, Midway has the F1 standard on sale for $69.99 and I was thinking of getting one. Has anyone use this model and brand? comments please. Thank you for your time.
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    Remington 700 Actions

    Hello all, Pardon my ignorance but... Are all Remington 700 long actions the same??? By that I mean is the one on my Sendero the same as those found on these cheap looking rifle that Wally world carry? I am investigating a one click gun and was looking at the cheapest way of getting another...
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    7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

    Hello all, Those of you guys/gals who have done this kind of shooting, could you give me feed back on this cartrige for 1000 yards target. I realize there's better but I am thinking that perhaps this round won't kick as much as say the 6.5-284 or 308? Plus I am also hoping it won't be a barrel...
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    Head shot anyone???

    Hello to all, Is there anyone amongs you more experienced shooters and hunters who choose on purpose to take a head shot over a lungs shot? I have never shot at a deer with a rifle but with a bow I always try for a double lungs. Any infos is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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