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    Non-Magnum Primers for Magnums

    Had a bad batch of CCI Large magnum Pistol primers about 25 years ago doing the same. Shooing out of a revolver. Yeh, its uncomfortable.
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    “Notify Me When in Stock” Feature Online Retailers?

    I know this happens at some of the big box stores around here.
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    Rebarrel of Remington

    Thanks for the clarification. I guess I wasn't being specific, just making the point that it wouldn't change barrel length much. It's always good to have more specific numbers.
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    One Redding Type-S bushing die for 264 and 7mm mag?

    Not sure, but may be possible with the 7mm die. I am uncertain if the 264 die would have enough clearance between the neck shoulder junction and the bushing for the larger neck of the 7mm. Should be easy enough to find out.
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    Accuracy Loss

    If it happened during a range session, that "should" eliminate the ammo. That is a crazy increase and would likely point to a mechanical issue. Even a carbon ring shouldn't produce such a dramatic change. I had one barrel that required about 18-20 shots to foul before it would shoot...
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    “Notify Me When in Stock” Feature Online Retailers?

    Got some bullets from a notification from Midway a couple weeks ago. In all fairness, I was awake @ 430 am when the email came through and I acted upon it immediately. Powder, not so much. I've basically given up on primers.
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    partial neck turning

    I would use a standard full length die w/o the expander and expand with mandrel. The bushing die won't size the neck all the way to the neck shoulder junction.
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    Neck tension and max bullet grip force

    Good thread that addressed some of the same issues.
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    Good mult-person tent for back country horseback hunting

    @Litehiker may have some suggestions
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    117 grain Shock hammer harvest pix.

    Very nice! Great memories! Well done.
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    To bush or mandrel

    I don't necessarily disagree, but I believe Mike Cr's point was also that he is not running a SAAMI spec chamber that allows the neck to expand excessively during firing either.
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    To bush or mandrel

    While I did ask the question, its purpose was to get the responses that followed. There are a multitude of variables to be considered, each either adding or detracting a small amount. Thanks for the responses.
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    To bush or mandrel

    Anyone know how much interference fit the brass will "hold" before it yields. Some talk about .004 interference but I wonder if the brass can hold that much before yielding and your bullet becomes the mandrel. I realize it is dependent upon the hardness of the brass and the thickness. I believe...
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    Sorry to hear that!
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