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    LRM primers ok to use on 257 WTHBY

    I load the 257 wthby with mag primers with exact powder charges listed. Just look for signs of pressure and use those mag primers. I use federal 215 mag primers for everything, from 220 swift to 30-06 to 375 h&h. I don’t use regular rifle primers. They never fail and I have never had issues.
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    Why the 7mm Rem Mag?

    I believe a 7 mag was developed to give 30-06 recoil in a magnum cartridge. I personally possess about every caliber in lots of different chamberings, from 22 to 50 bmg. Several 7mm chamberings and many 30 cal choices. My very 2 favorite guns for hunting deer are 220 swift and 300 win mag...
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    New Rifle build Please tell me why I should or should not build a 25-06

    I think you questioned the components for handloading. 25-06 is a great round and you can resize 30-06,280, or270 brass so pretty much unlimited brass options. Bullets are a little bit more limited but available. The 25-06 is a great deer sized hunting round that won’t disappoint. I have a...
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    Montana x-bows illegal

    I say, without reservation, keep the lawyers at home. I say that even though my daughter is a lawyer. We are compassionate to handicapped persons. Very few hunters in my life have been without compassion. That being said there are war heros, first responders, and everyday Americans without...
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    My budget .257 WBTY build ...

    maybe I missed it somewhere, what did this rig cost you to put together. Always wanted the 257 wthby and as a lefty weatherby does a great job in their production. I pulled the trigger(no pun intended) last week. Just sighted in my brand new 257 wby carbonmark. in left hand from weatherby...
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    Just reduce recoil on 308. Heavy stock, muzzle break, mercury reducer, light loads, etc. both 7-08 and 308 are great rounds.
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    Recoil management-poor shooting

    As stated, add weight, add recoil pad, and you could add mercury recoil device. I know you are turned off by muzzle break but they have ones you can turn on and off, like savage makes. Add all the above and you will have a pretty easy going rifle
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    300 PRC loads....looking for recommendations based on what I have

    I use ramshot magnum with my 300 PRC with 212 vld-x I use 80 grains of powder with bullet seated to lands. sub-MOA at 1000 yards. That being said if you can get your hands on 230 grain Atips, do so! I use 78 grains of Ramshot Magnum and again load to the lands. This round is the most...
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    Which of your guns are really most important?

    Going on your rules, less I’m carrying everything at once. And I only get 1000 of each. LRM-300wm for scoped long range, LR-308 for AR 10,SR for 223 ar15, 209 for 12 gauge with buckshot or slug, LP for 357 revolver(Eliminate jams). I’m using all your criteria but I’m gonna need to hide a few...
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    brass annealing machine

    Lee melting pot with sand on high setting. Only anneal long range shooting rounds 338RUM, 300 RUM, 300 PRC,45-70 AND 45-110. I don’t anneal my hunting rounds. It’s very inexpensive and very quick. Just need to get the sand hot and figure out your time in the sand to get a good annealing...
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    45-70, 45-90, or 450 Marlin?

    buy the 45-90. If you find something you like and want and can afford it, get it. The 45-70 is more versatile and with smokeless makes the most sense. But I shoot my 45-90 and 45-110 with smokeless on occasion (when I get lazy) they both do fine with smokeless. Of course the 90 and 110...
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    Duct Tape on muzzle brake

    get a thread protector then just remove it when you hunt, may need to know you poi without brake as it can alter it slightly. No residue or shredded tape. I do this and it’s quick and simple. But definitely know your poi with brake and without.
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    Biggest Bore...Heaviest Hitter...Long Range

    keep it simple, 300wm. Some of the bigger 30s, 300RUM, weatherby,nosler,warbird,etc, shine with longer barrels. The slight inefficiency of shorter barrel in the 300WM won’t be noticeable.
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    Can 308 do everything you need a rifle to do under 600 yards?

    Sure, guessing somethings you would not go out to 600, but it’s very versatile.