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    Peterson 300 Win Mag "Long" Brass Available

    I bought a box of Herters 300 WM ammo and it will have to stretch.026 to fit the chamber when fired. Seems like a lot to me.
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    Peterson 300 Win Mag "Long" Brass Available

    I gained.0025-.003 from new Long to fire formed Long in my Weatherby. Accuracy has been fantastic and it is very consistent brass. Necks seem kinda soft but that probably helps keep neck tension consistent. This is a 3 shot group cooling the barrel down between shots. .308 was tared into the...
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    can I make 7mag brass out of 300wm brass?

    When I reformed my 300 to 7mmRM I pulled the expander/decapping stem out, reformed and trimmed the brass and then run it through the die again to keep from having to pull the expander through the long neck it creates. Also be sure to lube the necks well inside as they will be thicker.
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    can I make 7mag brass out of 300wm brass?

    You absolutely can reform 300WM brass to 7mmRM. I’ve gone this route to reduce the initial stretch you get when using virgin 7mmRM brass. The necks have to be turned to reduce the neck thickness since they are formed out of the shoulder of the 300 brass. They will still have the 300WM head stamp...
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    Really didn't want to share.

    My dad did the same exact thing firing a 270 Winchester in a 7mmRM BAR. Luckily he wasn’t hurt but it made a mess of the BAR. Bullet went through the target side ways.
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    Ejector Swipe with new brass?

    On the 300 Win Mag it is because it headspaces off of the belt and not the shoulder unless you are using the Peterson Long brass.
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    Ejector Swipe with new brass?

    Excess head space can cause ejector marks on brass caused by the case getting a run at the bolt after being driven forward by the firing pin. With the .0095 difference between new and fire formed brass, I believe I would expand the necks of the new brass to 30 caliber and then back down to 284...
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    Reuse Pulled Bullets???

    Can you tell which 2 were pulled bullets and which 1 was fresh out of the box? These were Nosler BT out of my 300 @ 100 yds
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    Testing Cases After Resizing?

    To the OP: You said you noticed that factory ammo was a little tight chambering also. So pushing the shoulder back enough may not be the problem. It may be the distance from the base to the belt especially if you have a custom chambered barrel. You need to measure your shoulder bump and insure...
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    Also are you crimping the bullets? If you are, you could be over crimping and bulging the cases. Also mic your bullets and make absolutely certain they are .277 and not anything else.
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    Newbie Reloader, headspace question

    I’ve done this and it absolutely reduces run out and improves concentricity. I don’t know if I’m getting more run out because the die is reducing neck diameter .010 before the body of the case is held by the die but the second pass straightened all of it out.
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    6.5 CM GO TO LOAD

    I have 3 more you can add to that list with that load. That’s the load I use when I chamber and thread a new barrel to see if I did it right. There are other loads that are tailor made for individual rifles that may make a bug holer out of them but I’ve seen this load posted more times than any...
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    Cases from pulled bullets - resize again?

    The newer LCD’s don’t size the entire length of the neck per their website. Evidently someone talked them into doing this to facilitate loading lead bullets easier. The older Collet dies do size the whole neck and do help with concentricity.
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    Cases from pulled bullets - resize again?

    I do as above simply for the consistency.
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    Primer pockets primers hard to get in.

    I’m having trouble getting primers in my pockets to put in my brass. Lol