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    1. winmag
      Go check out the White River unit. 1st, or 2nd season is over the counter tags for any bull.
      First season may be a better option if your driving to HR everyday, cause 2nd season usually has a pretty good snow.
      Barlow, & Badger, are good names to remember, & if you make a rectangle with the 48 rd on bottom, & the 4811 on top, all the others run up, & down between the two from Sportsmans Park (right side of rectangle) to where the 48 curls around to meet the 4811 (left side of rectangle)..... Just sayin'
      Takes a few years to put it all together in your head, & hunt it, but at least it's "hunt-able".
      That's where I go on years I don't draw a tag.
      I typically DON'T post this stuff on a public board, so I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same if you choose to go there.
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