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    Bad news for SW colorado elk

    I live in SW Colorado and read this as the Durango Herald ran this same story. One thing I don't buy into is the statement that predators are not an issue. Bear and lion numbers appear to be up. In the last several years, as a ranch manager, I have run across lion kills on the property I care...
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    Long range 2 way Radios/Walkie Talkies ?

    FWIW I use this setup at King of the Hammers (165 mile Ultra 4 desert/rockcrawling race in the middle of nowhere in the mojave desert. Look it up, its cool!!) I am able to communicate from the remote pits to the main pit and the race car on the course, which is several miles with mountains in...
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    what game hoist do y’all use ?

    Would be really simple. Put some anchors in your truck bed (most newer trucks already have them installed in the corners), run a chain from one side to the other, then hook your come-a-long to the chain, and winch the animal in...
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    what game hoist do y’all use ?

    Home made gambrel and a 2 ton chain fall or a Cat 420 Backhoe for handling whole elk. In the field, a cheap option would be an anchored come-a-long with a piece of thick plywood as a ramp into the back of a truck.
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    I have a pair of 10x50 Swaro SLCs that I'd consider selling. If you are interested, shoot me a PM.
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    Ballistic Program with 300gr 338 Berger

    Thanks for the info. I did a little digging before I had to leave for work, and came across the Applied Ballistics website. I noticed they had a web-based calculator on their site. Is the software you are talking about called the "Applied Ballistics Analytics Desktop Software"?
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    Ballistic Program with 300gr 338 Berger

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to a ballistics program (free or paid, does not matter) that includes the data for the 300 grain 338 Berger bullet? Thanks.
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    What's your favorite portable shooting bench

    FWIW, I have shot off of both the original BR Pivot and the Caldwell version. The original version is much better in my opinion. Caldwell seems to have cheapened the bench design with cheaper and lighter materials. Don't get me wrong, the new style is still a nice bench, just not as beefy as...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski 10x50 el

    Do you still have these? Can you send or post pics?
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    SWAROVSKI Announces The New 2015 EL Range

    Agreed. I have a set of the first gen 10x42 EL Range, and I was playing around with a pair of the 2 gen sets yesterday at Sportsman's Warehouse. You can actually feel the RF click down under the pressure of your finger whereas the older version is a smooth motion when depressed. With that...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: Nightforce w/ CH-2

    Looking for a Nightforce with the CH-2 reticle in it for a friend. Can be 3.5-15x56 or 5.5-22x50 or 56. Doesn't have to have zero stop or high speed turret. Let me know what you got!
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    209 conversion to rifle primers -

    Not sure how the firing pin mechanism works on a 700ML, but is there a way to adjust how far the firing pin travels? On my A&H, I had to make adjustments with the firing pin with just a primer in it until I got it to fire consistently, then an additional 1/4 to 1/2 turn.
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    209 conversion to rifle primers -

    I've read that using a large rifle primer is a little cleaner than using a 209. I don't know if this is an accurate statement or not since I have not tried it personally yet. I needed to order a breech plug that fully enclosed the 209 for my Austin & Halleck so I can shoot BH209. For $10...
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    209 conversion to rifle primers -

    I'll just leave this here... Large Rifle primer VariFlame