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    Zoomed in or out

    We all know the POI changes with zoom levels (magnification). Hold over scope using sub tensions.
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    Z8i 2.3-18x56 or DS

    If you were splurging on a scope, would it be the Z8i or DS ? The electronics in the DS scare me.. I know the ballistics need to be perfect, but I like the idea of just aiming at game, and not dialing. I have a problem with buck fever and dialing. Too error prone for me personally. The DS...
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    Swarovski DS Scope

    Do you like the DS ? I tried a Quigley-Ford scope, and beyond 300 yards, it's useless. So now I'm looking at the DS. Is it accurate beyond 500 ? What if the ballistics are off like yours? Is there adjustment within the program, or are they fixed for boxed ammo ?
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    Zoomed in or out

    100 -200 yards, I can zoom in or out, same POI. 2FP. Once I'm past 250 yards, it's zoomed in only, or the POI is elsewhere. Not even sure where it is. Where does your 2nd focal plane start shifting with zoom ?
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    How many rounds do you have in your pack?

    The absolute most I have ever used was 4.
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    How clean is clean ?

    After your done cleaning, do your patches come out white.... or still with black streaks ?
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    Shooting with a fused neck

    I have cervical problems as well. Spent years figuring out how to hunt with low recoil. Solution was a 7mm-08 semi-auto... and I just started hunting with a 6.5 CM. Both work well for Elk hunting...without a brake. For white tail.. .243 is amazing. I gave the 12 gauge & .30-06 to my son.
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    I use 200 zero... so I'm not dialing or holding over out to 200+ a few. And the 3" high at 100 will still kill anything.
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    Tikka 6.5

    If you were shooting your magnum... you'd flinch so much, it would have been a gut shot moose.... At least the 6.5 took out a rib, and exploded taking out a lung.
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    Tikka 6.5

    I know many don't believe this... but my 6.5CM kills Moose. My Moose was just as dead as the other guys shooting super-duper magnums...
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    1 MOA: 1" = 95.5 Yards

    My son who is a math professor went through the MOA calculation. With the angle, and cosign of the angle. He proved to me: the 1" we all use as a standard is really @ 95.5 yards, not 100 yards. And if we shoot at 100 yards, it's slightly over an inch. Tan 1/60 = x/3600" and going out to 1000...
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    Magnification Effect on Elevation

    Are you saying, if I magnify at 9, rather than 18x; then I reduce the hold over by half ? Assuming the hash lines are spaced evenly, I hold over at 2 subtensions, rather than 4 ? Is that correct ?
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    Magnification Effect on Elevation

    My Z6 2nd focal plane scope is dead on zero 3x min mag, and 18x max at 200 yards. Anything beyond 200 yards, I need to be zoomed all the way in. Is there a way to get elevations at different zoom levels, or just use the scope at max zoom beyond 200 yards?
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    Z6 with BRH hold over reticle --> 600 yards

    Took a long range class. By the end of the day... out to 600 yards ! 6.5 CM Swarovski Z6 on sandbags, no bi-pod. Tikka light weight barrel, hunting rifle. Banging steel out to 600 yards !! consistently! Not out to impress anyone, just myself :) Not dialing, just holding over. I...
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    Elk Habits if Pushed due to Light Hunting Pressure?

    No doctor is prescribing prednisone without good reason. That stuff is nasty. and Elk will run to the next county if pressured. They don't stop & look back like white tail.

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