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    SOLD/EXPIRED 8# of N570 & N565 - North Idaho (Post Falls)

    I’ll take the n570. I’ll pm you
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    SOLD/EXPIRED N570 Western WA

    I’ll give you 285$ for it and meet you in Lewiston?
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    Pm sent
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    338 Terminator By Defensive Edge

    Where’d you get that fancy ammo case?
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    LPR Ti 300 Norma

    Pm sent
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    Kirby Allen Build 338 Raptor

    I’m confused, he told me he scrapped the raptor cartridges? Either way, pm me please
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    Full custom 338 Ackley imp

    price drop 4000$
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    Nightforce TS-82 spotter

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    Nightforce TS-82 spotter

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    Full custom 338 Ackley imp

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    Flatline ops 34mm level w/ angle

    bump 225$