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    Want To Buy 25-06 brass

    I'm aware it's a sellers market. I will hold off until the market settles. I gave a new box of Barnes TTSX 165gr to a hunting buddy today and he forced me to take 10 bucks. I will wait until prices come down or people come to their best common sense. I will no longer be looking for this brass.
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    Want To Buy 25-06 brass

    No thanks, can be had cheaper on gunbroker and optics planet. Thank you though for your offer.
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    Want To Buy 25-06 brass

    Looking to pick up some 25-06 brass. New or once fired only please, multiple firings not wanted. Thank you! SHM
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    ADG Dimpling at the shoulder after resizing 🤔

    I switched to imperial on the case body and the redding graphite lube for the necks, nothing ever gets put on the shoulders. Seems like most people agree it's a lube or air issue. I would rule out vent hole since it's not every case. The only variable would be the amount of lube applied since...
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    ADG Dimpling at the shoulder after resizing 🤔

    Too much sizing lube or a plugged vent hole in your sizing die.
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    257 Weatherby help

    IMR 4350 is really too fast for high speed loads. I use Retumbo in mine for best velocity. If you're okay leaving a lot of velocity on the table, just use a chrono and load to known 25-06 nodes, see how it shoots.
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    Hex boron nitride and nickel plated bullets (trophy bonded tip)

    I guess my question would be why? I coat target bullets in small cases, but never would for a hunting round. What happens when you hunt in moisture? Also doesn't the nickel plating lower resistance down the bore anyway?
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    308 Barnes 130 Grain TTSX/Ramshot TAC

    It's my short barreled 308 go to combo. I built a cheap savage 308 with 18" barrel for treestand hunting. Extremely accurate. Right around 3000 fps.
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    Determining Precision COALs

    Have you heard of the Hornady modified case gauge? That's what I've used for years. Mono's and bonded usually about 0.050", and I'll do the berger method on cup and core. I've never done the Alex Wheeler method but I know a lot of people swear by it. Just Google it.
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    Determining Precision COALs

    Before you go to far down the rabbit hole and spend money you may not need too, why don't you check your magazine and see how much room you have. A hunting buddy has a Tikka 300 WM and the magazine doesn't let you get very close at all to the lands.
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    Grayboe VS Bell & Carlson?

    I have both. I had to do some inletting to get the Alaskan to even take the action. The grayboe Outlander is amazing. The BC is gone and the rifle now has a Carbon MC3 stock. I love it.
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    6.5 Saum Case Length It's the most accurate way to know your chamber length.
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    COAL gauge longer than manual

    I would set it at 2.800" and see what happens. Keep things easy. After that try 2.750" and see see happens.
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    Is this a scam???

    Try to check out with something.
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    22-250 Improved barrel questions

    Love the 22-250AI, but if I was starting from scratch I'd probably go with a 22 Creed. Velocities are almost the same but with a bit of taper it should feed better and make for less headaches. I have the dies and will probably stick with the AI, but I don't know if I would if I was starting over.