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    Leupold BX4 Pro Guide binoculars

    Thanks for the advice. I ordered a pair through my lgs. Looking forward to trying them out.
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    Leupold BX4 Pro Guide binoculars

    Looking at possibly getting a pair of these. Anyone have them and what do you think? Thank you. Also would consider the Vortex viper or Diamondback models. Looking at 12x50 power
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    Alaska Guide Creations classic

    hey everyone. Just purchased a AGC classic max pocket BINO pack. Do any of you know if they will fit a 12x52 optic? Looking at the Leupold BX 2 Alpine. I know it’s made for 50mm objectives but curious if a 52mm will work? Thanks!
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    124 or 99 grain Hammer hunters in 6.5 creedmoor?

    I have some 124 hammer hunters I bought to try in my 26 nosler. Haven’t had a chance to load them. But now I recently bought a 6.5 creed. Anyone use these or the 99gr hammers in the creedmoor? How did it work out for you? Thanks.
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    Ruger Picatinny rail

    Buy the Leupold rings. I bought a set last year and they were right on the money for alignment. My Ruger rings were off. One was angled left and the other to the right. But I wanted to try the weigatinney. It’s a nice base and bolts right on but there’s room in the front for about 3 more slots...
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    Ruger Picatinny rail

    No. You have to buy after market. And most of the companies that make them require you to have the receiver drilled and tapped. Unless you go with this one I recently bought this for my Hawkeye 22-250. It bolts on nice...
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    Seekins extra high 30mm rings

    Optics planet has them for $130. Free shipping. I just ordered seekins rings in medium last week from Midwayusa. I see they’re sold out of the extra high.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x32

    Do the grapes come with it?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED NXS 5.5-22x56 Velocity 1000 Reticle (HVM) SOLD

    Mounted but never shot with NXS 5.5-22x56 Velocity 1000 Reticle (HVM). Illuminated reticle and Zero Stop. Also comes with a Nightforce throw lever. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just more scope than I need for my application. $1650 shipped.
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    Bergara B14 Ridge Rifle SP 6.5 Creed

    Well here it is with the TBAC Ultra 7 on it. Gotta get the scope on yet.
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    Bergara B14 Ridge Rifle SP 6.5 Creed

    I was eyeing up the 22-250 and 243 also. Been wanting a creedmore for a while so went with this one. If it shoots as good as they say I’ll for sure be buying another one. Hopefully they come out with a ridge in 6mm creedmoor. I’d rather have that over a 243.
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    Bergara B14 Ridge Rifle SP 6.5 Creed

    Picked up this Bergara last night and it’s the SP model with 18” barrel. Anyone here have this gun or another Ridge rifle in 6.5? What Ammo shoots well for you? And what kind of groups have you been getting? So far I picked up a box of 143 precision hunters and a box of Hornady American 129gr...
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    Armageddon Gear gives an example of fine customer service on Suppressor cover

    Very good quality products! I bought a mirage cover for my Ultra 7 and the Hot Pocket case. Haven’t tried the cover yet but the hot pocket is excellent. Holds 2 cans nicely and a pocket to keep the tax stamps in. Now when I go out I just have to grab the case and good to go. I’ll be a returning...
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    Brand new never used TBAC CB MOUNT for sale. 30 caliber 5/8x24 threads. I chose to go with the Area 419 mounting system instead. $85 shipped.
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    Banish brand suppressor?

    That TBAC Ultra 7 6.5 makes my 22-250 sound awesome! I can’t believe the difference! From ear ringing to enjoyable. I watched videos on suppressed 22-250 but to hear it in person it’s great. My first time shooting with a can. And now I wonder why I waited so long. I can see why these things can...

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