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    Wheeler FAT wrench digital or analog????

    I've used the Wheeler analog, an older Sears analog inch pound and Fix-It Sticks. Prefer the Fix It Sticks hands down. After 11 Scope installs, last 4 with the Sticks, using the Fix It Sticks have been true and IMHO are much easier. Quick, problem free and dead on. Knock On Wood So Far. So I'll...
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    Impact of bayonet-style chronograph on group size

    Thanks for the pics and for your advise. I see the difference, I'm using a Harris bipod and that jacks up the setup because it's more congested on my setup than yours. Looks like you have maybe an Atlas. I'll keep working with it. I can move it back on the rail, which I have two rails end to...
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    Impact of bayonet-style chronograph on group size

    338 dude, can you do a close up of how you have the bipod and Wiser mounted? I have the Wiser and run a harris bipod but am having heck getting it all set up. I'm about to the point of selling the Wiser mount. I do have a pic rail on my Oryx chassis, but getting it all aligned and getting the...
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    Lyman hand primer

    I have not done any measuring but will do so.
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    Lyman hand primer

    I have had some issues with my Lyman primer as well, but the culprit was not the tool itself as I have finally discovered. My issue was the shell holder. When using the RCBS shell holder for the 300 WSM I had issues of the primer not seating deep enough and having a heck of a time with removal...
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    Long Range Hunting Match

    Prairie dog targets at 1K for shoot offs. 4 targets1 each for prone, kneel, sitting and off hand positions.
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    Considering 3 Brands-Models of Muzzle Brakes- Any Opinions?

    Not sure if you have ever heard of Precision Rifle Blog by Cal Zant. He has done some pretty impressive data driven testing on various precision rifle equipment and other shooting topics. There are some excellent articles that are quite thorough on his test, results and conclusions. Here is a...
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    New Texas Suppressor Bill Signed by Gov. Abbott

    Being from Texas I have been following this a little. From what I have heard, which that and $2 get you a small coffee at some places, Texas lawmakers looked at the other states and made their legislation to avoid what had been knocked down. The real test is when it goes to courts and the legal...
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    Powder for 300 wsm

    What recall? Searched all over and have had no luck finding recall info regarding H4831SC. Please share if you have the source.
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    Powder for 300 wsm

    I use H4831SC on my 185 thru 215 Berger freedom seeds. Only powder I ever tried, worked so great from the get go never had a reason to switch. Great performance as well as temp insensitivity. Just bought 5 lbs from the Hodgdon direct site. Had been trying for a month or so. Kept missing out...
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    SELLER: Painless300

    Great Seller & a great transaction! As advertised, Solid as Solid can be! Will gladly do business with Painless300 any time. Thank You Painless300!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300WSM Norma Brass and Dies

    I'll take the brass. PM sent
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300WSM Norma Brass and Dies

    sent a private conversation to you. Not sure if I did it correctly
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300WSM Norma Brass and Dies

    Is the brass still available?
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    H4831SC if you can find it. Used it on 185-215 and it has been outstanding both in accuracy, repeatability, velocities and stable at temps from 0 to 105 F.