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    Your own 1000 plus range?

    Triple C in Cresson, Texas up near Dallas. Not sure what part of south Texas you're in. Also thought there was/use to be one near Houston or Victoria.
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    A Taste of Black Friday Sale

    I didn't get my Cronus from CL but have been over noted with it! Hope to get another one very soon!
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    Made it happen

    Congratulations all very important events!
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    Talk me out of a 20 inch 300 Winchester magnum… or not.

    I agree with this. The 300 wsm would be a better choice for that barrel length.
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    I have around $2k to spend on a scope

    Look at the Athlon Cronus 4.5x29x56
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    Carrying a handgun while wearing a pack.

    I carry both the 5" and 6" daily and I'm not a big guy but can understand how you feel about it!
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    Carrying a handgun while wearing a pack.

    I'd suggest you look at the Rock Island double stack 10mm, 16+1 and a second magazine should be enough!
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    Ahtlon vs Vortex (just glass perspective)

    I love my Athlon Cronus 4.5x29x56 had a Nightforce years back, the glass is exceptional to me but to each their own!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Iso of scope

    Look at the Athlon line up, think you'll find what you're looking for. I have the Cronus 4.5x29x56 and love it, good deals on them.
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    Caught one last night

    Give it a little more time and they will be! I remember a few years ago someone said they were starting to show up there.
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    $1200 budget, what would you buy?

    I've never owned a tika but did see and handled one at Academy Sports that had one in 6.5 CR, that someone had ordered but decided against it. It felt really good and it was $998.00 out the door. If there's one by y'all, he can order online and when it comes in if he doesn't like it he doesn't...
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    Which Poison to pick!

    Why not the 30FBI aka 30-338?
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    This is my backup bear gun, change my mind.

    I'd take my Rock Island 10mm because it's what I'm use to, 17 rounds of hot 200+grs !
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    My first choice would be a 10mm loaded hot with 220gr hardcast followed by heavy loaded 45 colt hsm bear loads. Big bore big bullets and manageable!