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    Need help interpreting OCW test results

    Hi, Unless I am not understanding what your pics indicate... it seems you are shooting 3 shots of one charge weight at each target. If that is the case, then you are missing the point of OCW. What you need to do is shoot one shot of each charge weight at all of the different targets... 6 charge...
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    Starting out a young shooter, who's left eye dominant. Got questions..

    When I was in the corps..... I came into boot thinking I would shoot the pants off of most of the guys there because I grew up in a rural area and used BB guns and 22's way more than most of the guys in my platoon. Progressed to a 270 and did well with it on anything I hunted. Over half of the...
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    ‘Re-Opening’ Plan (State Government) :-)

    So.....Trump is living in Kentucky now????;) ROFLMAO....
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    Ramblings and Such From Hunting Coyote

    I have one for ya....I also grew up in northern Minnesota. When we were quite young, one cousin and I did a lot of small caliber hunting and roaming around my uncle's land in the country. We were generally of the "Hey, do you see that....what the hell is it....well we better shoot it" age in...
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    Yet another DIY bedding question

    Either Devcon 10110 or match grade bedding compound from Nathan. Only ones that I will use.... after using acraglass one time. Tens :cool:
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    Pandemic Pricing Issues?

    Disagree, All of these months of denial or dismissal could have been used to build up the resources that we need right now but as it was, many of the items that we need were shipped off to aid China and other nations in their crisis's. There is a reason we had a pandemic response team at the...
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    Pandemic Pricing Issues?

    Cohunt, Yes N95 masks really are 1x use masks. When you leave a room with a covid-19 pt all of your PPE is covered in viral particles. You can easily infect yourself, the walls, the halls, or any other person that comes into contact with any of this gear. The CDC has no credibility left at all...
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    Pandemic Pricing Issues?

    Hey Muddy.... many states have laws regarding price gouging or profiteering during a pandemic and I would imagine that you are aware of this. I of course, have no idea where the store you are concerned about is located but here is what attorney general's office in Michigan relates to in regard...
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    Are you ready?

    Please #StayHomeMN #covid #FlattenTheCurve @AbbottHospital
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    Will the Corona Virus impact your hunting plans next fall?

    And therein lies the rub....this is exactly what is going to let this thing spread exponentially. Here's is what some very learned health care professionals believe is going to happen.... I also realize that there will probably be many of you guys that will want to flame me for posting this...
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    Berger 6mm 95g bullet (something changed)?

    A guy could probably drop a line to Berger....also one at least of their reps has posted here before I believe...
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    Berger 6mm 95g bullet (something changed)?

    Oh oh, that is the same bullet that I have been shooting in my varmint 243 to less than 1/4 inch. That kinda sucks. If you get a chance to load some up and try them... I will follow with interest. Do have some stashed away though.... Tens :(
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    Crispi Boots

    I've got a pair of Danner Trophy 10 inch. Bought these several years ago and all I have got to say about them is that they are very stiff leather and you really have to put some miles on them to break them in....still not done with that so I usually wear my Lowa Tibets just for comfort. Tens :cool:
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    Lapping Vortex 30mm precision match rings

    jim.... you use release agent on the scope where the rings go and after it sets up you can get your scope free. Tens :cool:
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    Will the Corona Virus impact your hunting plans next fall?

    You should probably look again or read the earlier posts..... over 1242 cases have been confirmed in the US and as of this morning 37 people have died. Tens:(

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