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    Light weight folding stock?

    On the XLR chassis, you have to add a few ounces to their listed weight for the folding mechanism. I just received my Element 3.0, magnesium with folding carbon bits. It's a beauty. I cant wait to get it out to the range.
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    Which Crtrdg- Short barrel do everything hunting rifle?

    Thanks for the link... From your first Wikipedia link. "Though it is of smaller bore than the legal minimum .375 calibre for dangerous game in most countries, many countries specifically make an exception for the 9.3×62mm."
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    Which Crtrdg- Short barrel do everything hunting rifle?

    Did you read the article you posted? The very first one. Chuck Hawks - Class 4 Big Game "Note that in most African countries the 9.3x62mm and/or .375 H&H are mandated by law as the minimum for hunting lion, Cape buffalo, rhino, hippo and elephant."
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    Which Crtrdg- Short barrel do everything hunting rifle?

    The brass supply has been the biggest problem with the 300wsm. Sorry if that wasnt clear. Reloading the cartridge has been fine. But I'm aware of only Norma, Nosler, Federal, Winchester and Bertram making brass for the 300wsm. Consistancy and toughness are the major deciding factors in brass...
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    Which Crtrdg- Short barrel do everything hunting rifle?

    I'll bite. 338ss just for the better brass. I dont know a anything about the 338wsm performance, but reloading for the 300wsm has been a pain in the arse. Unless someone is making 338wsm brass..... The brass supply/choices is painful.
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    New ultra light rig parts

    Weight is something that is easy to calculate on a spreadsheet But something I didnt properly appreciate until I messed it up, was balance. The heaviest of my lightweight rifles comes in at just under 7 pounds before scope. It has a 22oz stock and a #4 fluted barrel. The flutes were supposed...
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    7mm Sherman Max and 177 Gr hammer hunter

    All of the Hammers that I have loaded for have like a slightly faster powder then I would have expected from the equivalent weight lead core bullet. But I've also primarily shot all the Hammers in 22"-23" barrels. I only have one rifle that I also used a Barnes in, and the Hammer was much...
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    Hells Canyon vs PROOF

    Both of my HCA's are threaded at 22". The stainless liner is what is threaded, the brake is shouldered up against both the stainless barrel and the carbon. Carbon in that orientation, compression,. Is very strong. I wouldn't be the tiniest bit worried about the suppressor on the HCA
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    What bottom metal setup for midweight build

    4 months ago AG wasnt inletting for any of the medium length actions. The guy I spoke to said they were way down the list of inlet programs there were trying to write. But probably worth a call to confirm.
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    What bottom metal setup for midweight build

    BDL's are generally lighter. I wish there were more polymer 3 or 4 round mags to choose from, this would probably bring the weights closer. I used a Hawkins Precision BDL, but there are a bunch of options at about that same weight. For reference, most 5 round AICS mags are about the weight...
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    Hells Canyon vs PROOF

    I chose HCA, primarily because I wanted more options on how I had the barrel chambered, twist rate and the finished length.
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    Hells Canyon vs PROOF

    You can buy just about anything you want in the US (as long as it's legal in Canada) and then just have it imported into Canada. I've done that I atleast part of my last 2 builds. I always try to source Canadian, but its irritating how often I've been able to get something out of the US...
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    Light and fast vs heavy and slow recoil

    I've shot those exact two bullets in my 300wm. 215 at roughly 2900fps, 181 at roughly 3100+. I dont remember there being a noticeable difference in the recoil.
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    You're right. Innovation is stupid and change is terrifying. (I wish I had the hairline for a man bun. Stupid hipsters.)