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    Easy identification of end caps?

    Any have recommendations on ways to easily identify different end caps for a suppressor? I have a Hybrid 46, and to help a little with the decibels I picked up some caliber specific end caps. It would have been great if each one came stamped with the hole size but that didnt happen. I will be...
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    Is a Labradar worth it?

    Good to hear. I have a bunch of those batteries. As long as it will make it through one session, I’ll be happy
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    Is a Labradar worth it?

    well that may settle it If I have to take my suppressor off. I was looking at the Magnetospeed but one of the guys at the range said he had to take his suppressor off in order to run that. It does sound odd though, since I heard that air gun guys are using the Labradar for their guns. Thanks...
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    Is a Labradar worth it?

    One thing I hate about load development is setting up my Chrono at the gun range. We shoot through a barrel to keep the neighbors happy, so the set up is annoying to say the least. The Labradar will make it easier, but not positive that the barrel we shoot through will be in the way and prohibit...
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    Why have turrets and LV5 Nightforce reticle

    Curious to know about that reticle. that one is not stated on their website
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    VX-5 vs VX-6

    I forgot about the reticle difference. the struggle I’m running into regarding the options that you stated is that once you add ill., reticle options, the price goes up and gets real close to NF.
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    VX-5 vs VX-6

    Here is my question- is it worth it to spend the extra money to get the VX-6 3-18 over the VX-5 3-15? The only significant difference I am seeing is a little more magnification and a reticle level. The rest from my research is negligible in difference and there is a price jump between the two...
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    What are the moa angle to the lines in a Zeiss rapid Z 800 reticle?

    As stated above. It isn’t MOA or mildot lines. When you add your data for your cartridge, it will figure out which magnification to use to allow the lines to be at the proper distance. An example is my 300wsm handloads require me to set the magnification at 9.5 (3.5-10 rapid z 600) and the lines...
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    Anyone help getting Supressor , almost 2 years

    Go to NFATRACKER.COM there are people that have had similar issues and may have ideas on how to proceed. They have commented about contacting your state rep. As stated above. Sounds like it works. another try would be to call and say that you were notified that there was an issue with your form...
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    Anyone help getting Supressor , almost 2 years

    Have you called the NFA and see what your status is?
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    Tikka scope ring height?

    Lows will work just fine. I use lows on a Zeiss 44 objective with room to spare
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    Chukar Hunting

    I’ve graduated from jeans to synthetic pants. I bounce between an old pair of Sitka accents, first lite Kanabs and a torn pair of REI thin hiking pair
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    Toughest Long Range Hunting Optic?

    Interested read. I appreciate all the information. I was dead set on a Leupold, but now I’m reconsidering. I wish I new about the SWFA sale last month
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    Leica 2700-b

    Looking for input from users. Has anyone used the SD card on this model to download their load data? How easy was it and do you feel there was an advantage to it? This model also says it has a temp and pressure sensor. Im curious to know the accuracy of it. I’m amazed at what they can do now a...
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    Crazy 7mm build

    Don’t have the data yet since I’m waiting on the stock to be shipped hopefully next week, but I’ll be working up loads for a 7mmWSM with a short barrel suppressed. It has a 1:8.3 twist so I’m hoping to run some heavier Hammers thru it.

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