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    Stock decision for a 300 Norma Mag

    Check out Allterra Arms. That is the new name for Axial precision. They can tune a stock for you from ~25oz on up. The biggest draw is they finally got a negative comb correct. They just announced the name change, so it looks like they’re still working on the transition on their site. Google...
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    Which 300?

    Well, I guess I’ll go tar and feather their Retail manager. Here’s an email copied and pasted when I asked a while Back. >>>>>>>>> Chris, We will be eventually making the WSM brass. But to be Honest it is going to be a little while. Im thinking the end of the year or next year. Ben...
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    .270 whitetail bullet shopping again, for the last time.

    I guess I also don’t understand exactly what kind of performance you’re looking for. If you like the Nosler PT, but it didn’t shoot, I’d go to the Hornady Interlock. Lots of folks call it a poor mans partition. It also has a reputation for accuracy. I don’t think there’s any risk in a...
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    Which 300?

    Last time I spoke to the guys at Peterson, 300 WSM was on their radar. I'm not sure what their timeline looks like though.
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    Help bringing old rifle new life

    Was this “his” rifle? Does it have sentimental value? I tend to think of those rifles with a piece of wood. I’d pick a cartridge and intended use and palm from there.
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    Looking for tikka build/ rebarrel advice

    7 SAW. I’d also have WTO install a switch lug while they do the work. I’m planning the same thing. I have a 6.5 CM I plan to have the barrel cut back, SL installed, and either a 280ai / 7 saw barrel included. I will depend on budget. 280ai will require after market bottom metal to load to 3.5”...
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    Proof 308 carbon

    pm sent
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    Retumbo where art thou??

    I have 1lb in SW PA if anyone is near me. I’d love to trade it for a lb of RL26. I’d consider selling it, but not ideal.
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    McMillan game warden 700 la

    Pm inc
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    Thoughts on Grayboe and HS Precision

    Use promo code "july2020" to receive the discount!
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    Thoughts on Grayboe and HS Precision

    I just got an email that Greyboe is 30% off right now - I believe through the 7th.
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    Tikka Timney Trigger - $200 TYD

    Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
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    Finally what the Raptor LRSS was designed to be.... a long adventure coming..

    Glad to see it come full circle. I love following your work.
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    Ruger American Predator stock upgrade

    If you decide on the magpul, I saw this pop up on Rokslide. Not mine, just passing it along

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