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    Is there a universal powder.

    IMR 4166 is similar to varget in burn speed. I have good shooting loads in my 223, 243, 308 and 300wsm using this powder.
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    Brass for 300 WSM....Norma vs. Nosler vs. Winchester etc?

    Edit: never mind, they are out of stock :( I found 300 wsm brass on but I don't know anything about that site and have never used that brand. Anyone have any first hand experience with them?
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    Minimum Powder Charge Help

    Don't go below the minimum powder charge. Also, it sounds like you might not know which powder you have. If that is the case, don't reload at all.
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    Tikka Question

    Looks like they put on a 10 twist barrel, unfortunately. I didn't look at a twist calculator but I think you'd be able to stabilize some of the 90 grain bullets. You'll want to check that though with the bullet manufacturer
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    Only 2 powders to use

    Disclaimer, I gave up on long range hunting but I still enjoy reloading/shooting a ton. So... I tried the same experiment a few years ago for 223 rem, 243 win, 308 win and 300wsm. I settled on IMR 4166. I had to be flexible on my bullet choice, especially for the 300wsm. 175's are the heaviest...
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    suggestion for Varget substitute

    IMR 4166 is real close to Varget in burn rate. It also includes the copper reducer stuff. I've used in in my 223, 243, 308, and 300 WSM with great results
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    Is there any reason to bed a rifle that is shooting well enough?

    If it ain't broke, fix it until it is!!!
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    Salt Bath Annealing Doesn't Work! by AMP

    Seems to me that AMP's testing implies a possible solution, if there really is a problem to begin with. I'd like to see the results if the case was lowered into the salt bath so just the neck was submerged for 4 seconds, then the case was lowered to cover just above the shoulder for the...
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    Bullet weight isn't the only factor. Given two bullets of the same weight and general shape, the smaller caliber bullet will slip through the wind better. So, a 150 grain 308 has to push more air out of the way than a 150 grain 6.5 mm bullet
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    Want to get into reloading!

    I had a batch of 25 norma 300 wsm with primer pockets that were too shallow. I used the lyman pocket reamer to fix it. Worked well and is cheap. I need to correct the above, the tool I used was this one...
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    Trimming 300 wsm brass

    I've had that problem too with one specific batch of winchester brass. Somehow the cases were manufactured with rims that were too thick to slide into the shell holder.
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    Sig Saur 308 Win brass weight results

    You are right that end results are the only thing that really matters but I read that people weigh and sort/cull their brass. I guess I'm really asking is for the people that do weigh/cull brass, would you bother culling any brass in a batch like that based solely on weight?
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    Sig Saur 308 Win brass weight results

    I bought a bag of Sig Saur 308 Win brass from Cabela's. The min weight was 171.2 and the max was 173.8. Mean weight 172.97 gr. Is that good/average/bad?
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    Powders and temerature tolerance.

    There's a great thread here on that topic. Some old favorites that are temp stable include Varget, IMR4350, H4350