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    Covid doe

    Congratulations, glad you’re doing OK after the rona. How fast was that little bugger moving out of the barrel??
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    SubSonic 300 Blackout

    I’ve got 150 of the Lehigh 194 coming tomorrow. Maybe I can test them out this weekend!!
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    SubSonic 300 Blackout

    Late to the conversation, good luck finding them (or any bullet) But the Hornady 190 sub x works well, in MY experience. I’ve shot/killed 2 deer so far with them. 80 yards and 35 ish yards. Recovered 1 bullet. Very accurate in MY pistol. Group was at 75 yards!! Recovered bullet was...
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    Shout out to Doug at Cameraland!

    Doug is a good dude. I hope to talk with him soon about an NX8. Neil isn’t too bad either ;)
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    Mountain Lion Attack stopped in the deer woods...close call!

    Incredible, seems like she had someone watching over her . Thank God she is safe!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED New accurate mag LA 3.850 CIP 5rd magazine, Trigger tech "Special" black pvd curved trigger w/bolt release, and magpul 5rd magnum LA magazine

    If this doesn’t go as a package I’d like to have a shot at the steel 3.850 mag please. 219-877-5358 thanks Travis
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    For Sale NX8 2.5-20x50 MIL-C $1765

    I WANT IT!!! But, can’t afford it. Maybe in a couple weeks.
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    For Sale WTT brass for 308 brass

    PM me if someone wants some, I’ll dig it out tomorrow and see what I have... I’m not going to clutter the OP’s ad (I have a decent amount of LC your machine gun might like)
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    For Sale WTT brass for 308 brass

    Whoa! I don’t have no where near that much. Lol I need 9mm brass but the little bit of .308 I can spare won’t help you much !!
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    For Sale WTT brass for 308 brass

    How much and what kind of .308 are you wanting ? I have som FC, Hornady, Hornady match and I think some nickel, mostly all once fired. What do you have to trade?
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    New 2 Me 357 Mag. Bullet help needed.

    My dad has a Henry .357 and we both had blackhawks in .357. We shot the same load (h110 and 158 XTP) out of all 3. It shoots well out of 3, and he has killed several deer with the Henry, out to around 140 yards. I’m pretty sure every deer he has shot has been a pass through (upwards of 10...
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    Typical Field Rest

    With your tripod, do you hike using trekking poles ? If you do, I use a pole on the rear/butt and just pinch the butt of the gun up against the pole. Seems to work well. And quick with practice
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Or trade Razor LHT

    SPF to ^^^
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Or trade Razor LHT

    It’s a sign, might as well be yours @Holycity73
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    Biden $200 gun tax?

    That would only work if the right wasn’t always in the defense with our tail between our legs. We seem to never “act” we only “react” and it also makes it near impossible when the media is one sided, and we are censored nearly everywhere else