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    For Sale OMR carbon 6.5 barrel

    I can run berger 135's at 3075 fps out of a 18 in. carbon six barrel.
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    Getting a little tired of the Summit Climber...

    Pedialyte for adults works great. also a couple of ounces of pickle juice.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 cal Nosler 130 Accubond

    I will take them. pm sent
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    .308 cal Bartlein Carbon Fiber Barrel

    We have had good results using the air dry cerakote, just takes longer.
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    New Build - Action opinions

    You can get shoulder prefits now from several companys. look at preffered barrel blanks.
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    Did 6.5 PRC obsolete the 6.5 CM only to be made obsolete?

    Think about this the 6.5 rsaum or gap 4s, is one of the other caliber's that is booming. I built mine, and i love the gun for hunting, takes two minutes to change it over to a 308, 6.5 creedmoor, 6gt. using my wto lug.
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    Timney 510 M700

    sent pm
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    Bighorn Origin Build

    I use the nut because i already own 6 barrels for the action, and all 4 bolt heads. i do have a 350 legend barrel coming from preferred barrel blanks. My bad, custom machined barrel nut.
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    Using 6.5x284 or 6.5-06 load data for 6.5prc start points?

    join the facebook group of gap precision, there is more on there about 6.5 saum, and 6.5 prc than you want to read. great information, saved me alot of money, and time.
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    Bighorn Origin Build

    Buy a custom ground nut from Northland shooting supply, Mcgowen, or a well known company. they run around 35-45 dollars. the Origin is a small shank savage thread pitch, not the same as a remington 700. remington has a 16 tpi, while the origin is 20 tpi.
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    Carbon Six barrel- 6.5 creedmoor

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    Carbon Six barrel- 6.5 creedmoor

    ttt. open for offer's.
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    Carbon Six barrel- 6.5 creedmoor

    Sorry it's threaded for small shank savage, thread edited. thanks
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    Carbon Six barrel- 6.5 creedmoor

    I have a Carbon Six barrel that is just collecting dust. the barrel was shot 35 rds. of Hornady black 140 ammo. It produced several 1/2 " groups, but i do not use it. I got hooked on my 6.5 saum. Price 650.00 shipped inside USA. Pay Pal f&f Barrel specs: barrel is threaded for small shank savage...