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    Free Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 Scope - Drawing

    What state(s) do you hunt big game in most often? What is your primary long range hunting cartridge? -------------------------------------- Regarding your primary long range hunting cartridge choice above: Do you use factory ammunition? No If so, which brand and load do you use...
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    Molded in stock colour schemes

    Thanks JB1000br & APB. Those links were great. I am leaning towards a marble 60% tan or OD green, 20% grey, 20% black combo. Cheers, Craig.
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    .300 Lapua Mag.

    S1 has created a round called the 300Wolf that is basically a improved 300Lapua its performance with heavy 30 bullets is quite impressive.
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    Molded in stock colour schemes

    Hi all, I am trying to decide on the colour scheme for a A5 can anyone post pictures of Mcmillans with molded in camo colours. I am tending towards a marble finish but it is a case of what colours and what percentages of each. Can people with molded in camo or marble stocks post some pics and...
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    I need help with barrel understanding

    Another option is Border Barrels from Scotland he makes 5R rifling licensed to Boots Obermeyer
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    Bill Shehane at D & B Supply is also a wealth of knowledge on the 6.5/284 and various wildcats in 6mm and 6.5mm his 6.5/284 Shehane is a improved version with less body taper and I think he has a few 1000yds records to his name.
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    .22/And now for something completely different

    sorry got hat URL wrong
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    .22/And now for something completely different

    Hi I use a 10/22 clone with a Shilen select match barrel (16.5" long with a muzzle can suppressor) and topped off with a 4.5-14x50 Leupold with a mil-dot reticle. I sight it in at 70m with Winchester subsonic and 5mils gets me out to 150m (I have a trajectory table taped to my stock) over the...
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    weighing powder scales

    I am looking for some reccomendations on what other people are using to weigh powder charges. I bought a Dillon Determinator scale but have found that I have to add a lot of powder to see it move on the scale read out. It also has an annoying tendency to drift on the zero. I am weighing charges...
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    Savage tang strength

    Thanks guy's. He definitely meant tang (he was implying that when you tighten the rear action screw it would bend the tang on the action)I found this very hard to believe (but I have not seen a action out of a stock). As soon as he told me that you have to do nothing to a remington action other...
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    Savage tang strength

    Can someone please post a picture of a Savage Accu-trigger long action with the action screws installed. I was talking to a local long range specialist and mentioned I was keen on building a long range hunting rig on a Savage 116FSS and he said they are crap the tangs are so weak you can bend...
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    Mcmillan A5 comb on Savage actions

    I am keen on a A5 Mcmillan for a 6.5/284 Savage 116 but I am not sure whether I am likely to need the adjustable cheek piece. I have a Mcmillan STC stock 14.5" LOP on my owner built 10/22 and find that with a Premier 4.5-14x50 thats sits within 1/8" of the 0.940" barrel that the comb height is...
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    Discreet bags for Rifle Cases?

    If the case is something like a Pelican hardcase (that does not scream gun anyway) you can put 'fragile' stickers on it and 'handle with care surveying equipment' stickers on it. As a surveyors thedolite case is similarish in size.
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    Accuracy of wood Stocks

    the 112bVSS has a laminated wood stock so it will be very stable.
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    338 LM in AR 30

    Surely handloading 338 Lapua is going to be no more exspensive than 338 RUM. As if you look after the brass it should last for several firings.

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